Vegan Recipes

What I Ate Today 🌱🍌🍜 🍫 with Practical Vegan Recipe Ideas

What I eat in a day as a “normal” vegan cooking for one! Hope this gives you some good meal ideas! Recipes below 🙂 Go to …

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  1. Hey! Small YouTuber over here! 🙋 Thanks for giving me inspiration! I'm also vegan 🙂 Just started a fun channel on plant-based food and would be great to have any kind of support! Have a wonderful day everyone.

  2. Hey girl! I really loved this video. I love all your meals & snacks. I've been vegan for the same amount of time & I always love getting meal inspo form you. I've been watching you from the very beginning…so proud this video has over 20k views!!! Btw: I think I mentioned on instagram I emailed you through your website. I think you said you didn't get it??

  3. can I just say, whenever I get into a funk (which has been happening a lot due to the state of the world) you always remind me to be really intentional with my food and my internal world and I appreciate it dearly !

  4. I am seriously thinking about going vegan. Not only for the health benefits but for the environmental benefits as well. However, I’m concerned that I won’t be able to stop eating things such as dairy because it’s such a big thing in my diet . Any tips would be appreciated thanks!

  5. Just saw this before being lazy and rolling out of bed…
    And I do happen to have rice cooked from last night, so I tried it immediately!
    It is so filling and satisfying, and warm…

  6. I finally found your channel!!! I had been looking for it for a while now. You might not remember me but we met at a StyleHaul chocolate making event. Im happy to see how big your channel is now and I’m definitely trying some of your recipes 🙂

  7. Love you! You’re amazing and so kind and ugh just frickin awesome and seem so lovely! I have a question, are you still a part of the vegan view? x

  8. I love that movie. It’s so emotional and is great for non vegans because it hits all those confronting emotions and begs the questions we ask them. It’s not as obvious as dominion or land of hope and glory but is DEFINITELY effective. A sly question for non-vegans “hey anybody want to watch this cool indie style Netflix movie called Okja?😏” another MAJOR selling point of the movie, Jake frickin Gyllenhaal! 💗

  9. Thank you for letting us know that new episode of 'Little fires everywhere' is out. I'm going to watch it right away. You are looking gorgeous. Love from India!

  10. i’m vegetarian and dairy free and i’ve seen several documentaries but i’d never heard of okja before. i just finished the movie and i’ve never cried sm. i really hope this movie convinced people to make the right change.

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