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crispy tofu just can’t be beaten… OPEN FOR IMPORTANT INFO & FAQ’s: What supplements do I take as a vegan? – B12 – D3 + K2 formula – Omega 3/ algae …

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  1. OMG yesss you need to get an airfryer!! It has literally changed my life!! I got a Philips one. I’m talking crispy kale and crunchy cheapeas in cajun… I mean

  2. The way you dress, finish, and present your food is just next level. To see a good looking athlete who truly enjoys their whole plant based meals with a great sense of humor, I mean there's no better way to showcase a vegan diet and keep us going. My meals are starting to look more colorful and vibrant like the ones in your videos and I am turning into a bit of a nut (butter) case too. Thank you Miles. 🙂 BTW, can you please do a video on how to select good Tahini, and maybe some brands (I'm in the US but maybe the same ones are here too)

  3. I think those people that keeps asking what liquid gold is are new people like myself 😂 cos I was just going to ask what liquid gold is 😂😂 (don’t even know if I spelt it right)

  4. I just found your channel today and I’ve gone through so many vids. I really enjoy your attitude. I’m from Florida myself and am very new to the vegan life. Can’t wait to see more content.

  5. This is actually a thing because we know like a 90 year old guy who we invited round to ours for dinners after we befriended him and when we gave him avocado toast he told us he had never tried it before. Another thing he said is it never occurred to him to eat a meal vegan or vegetarian and that he has only always eaten meat in every meal. So yes crazy stuff!

  6. Wow, first time here and I sure as hell don’t know what “liquid gold” is. Geeze, such tude. What’s with all the hostility. Disappointed! I was intrigued with your channels title. But then you got attitude about the “old woman” not knowing what avocado toast was too. Not too many people eat that and they surly don’t wear a shirt with it on it. Too bad… Goos luck.

  7. But…but I want the Sex, Drugs and Tahini Hoodie now. Actually no. It would be more of a Sex, Tahini & Rock'n'Roll one…. okay, yeah, that doesn't work. I'm just too lame for this 😀

  8. I just want someone to cook for me this way, is that too much to ask? just don't agree on the nut butter consistency…the stickier the better

  9. honestly watching all of your videos with all that tahini really makes me regret being born (as an arab) with an allergy to sesame seeds 😭😭😭✋🏻

  10. I officially am hooked on your channel! Where have you been, I have been subscribed now for a few and never knew, wow this is just what I needed! ✌🏼❤️😊

  11. Ok, scarred to admit, I’m vegan 2 years now and I still can’t seem to eat avocado and I want to so bad, what ways can I make it taste better so I can start to eat it more, I even started buying frozen avocado to add to my smoothie, just so I can get the healthy fats in but I wanna eat avotoast so bad but can’t get past the taste. Should I just let that ship sail rather than torturing my palette each time I try it…

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