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What I Ate Today| Full Vegan Meals

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  1. Bell peppers are night shades you wanna get rid of all the seeds I saw that you did that which is good but you also wanna skin them. Same thing if you eat tomatoes.

  2. I tried the vegan and veggie stuff then I figured out no one lives past 90 and still looks like you do – including you. If I already dont smoke, drink or take any medications and will still die anyway, Im sure as heck gonna eat some comfort food along the way and the stuff in your video dont look comfortable at all…good luck to you humans,,,,

  3. You are proof that dedication and discipline in everyday life can put you on a different level. Im sure you motivated a lot of people to step it up a notch.

  4. Much respect..not a vegan but I applaud the dedication and commitment it takes to be one and to actually try different food combinations and healthier choices. Maybe one day we all can make the switch. Very encouraging and refreshing to see someone genuinely taking pride into their food and their body and really loving themself. Good vibes and energy.

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