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WHAT I ATE TODAY + Nama Juicer Giveaway | Easy Raw Vegan Recipes

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  1. That salad looks amazing, I’m so upset though If only my grocery had good greens, I can’t wait until my farm market opens back up. Their greens are amazing, best I’ve ever had

  2. Saw this video a little too late but can’t wait to try the smoothie. Been trying different kinds of juices, thanks for all your videos! ❤️ really helpful for a beginner as myself 😇

  3. You're still going strong and better then ever. Your physical fitness is the best I've ever seen from you. I am happy for you and Cash. My very best to you both and to your family. Keep On keepin On !

  4. She’s gotten so skinny again.. always has been thin but I know at one point she said she grew up into a womanly body etc. but now she’s looking like her teen/early twenties. She should say what she’s doing differently! I need to slim down badly lol What made her gain weight if she’s been eating and running the same amount and type of way for forever? Edit.. she just said her new guy has helped her with it.. not just running/yoga anymore? Different workouts? Let us know, please! lol

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