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Yes chickpeas, yes lentils, yes quarantine recipes. LEMONY CHICKPEAS (inspired by Bon Appetit) 500g of dried chickpeas soaked for 24-48 hours 2 sliced …

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  1. I was wondering if you could film a vid where you show all your food staples or some kind of grocery haul?! All you meals look AMAZING so it’d be awesome to see what u keep on hand!! XO

  2. Hi Nina, love your videos xx I just wanted to ask if soaking the chickpeas and lentils help with digestion perhaps? I'm obsessed with both and was diagnosed with IBS and the doctor told me to avoid beans, peas, and lentils and I was so devastated!

  3. OMG as I saw 0:33 I was like whuuut because I also have a 1000 Yen Paper as my very much loved bookmark.
    I thought I'd be the only one but there you are 😀
    Hope you are all doing well and reading lots of books and staying safe.

  4. you should look into fasuliya 🙂 it's a afghan dish of lentils & green beans in a tomato sauce. Where I used to work we would eat it over rice, topped with hummus and a spicy chutney. IT IS SO GOOD. <3

  5. My goodness that chickpea cooking method, I must try it!! I have a question Nina! I remember you are interested in Ayurveda. I noticed you make lots of icy drinks with ice cubes, especially in the morning… Even before learning about Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, I always didn't feel the best after an icy drink ( digestive issues and acne because of that). And in Ayurveda they talk about how ice dampens your digestive fire (Agni I believe it's called…) what do you think of this? Do you have tips for still feeling good when making icy smoothies? Thank you!

  6. Nina! Eres una inspiración, " a veces aunque hagas todo lo necesario, puedes no sentirte bien después". Gracias.
    Quería preguntarte por la proteína de Amazonia, which one do you use? What do you use it for???

    Muchas gracias

  7. I found your channel yesterday through twitter and I fell asleep while binging your videos, I’m so excited you’ve uploaded this! I’m sorry you didn’t feel good but I feel like it’s the most normal thing during this time. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Dune!! xxx

  8. I love your eating videos but the entire umbrella of content you make is so so good. Your energy is incredible and joyous. Vlogs, books, lifestyle, or reading the phonebook… I'm hooked. 🙂

  9. Love your videos Nina, and hope your doing ok in this weeeird time! Will be super interested to know what your thinking of dune, been putting off reading it for ages cause it’s such a door stopper, but want to be one of those annoying people who can say that they “read the book first” before the movie comes out later this year haha x

  10. como quiero visitar costa ricaaaa y especialmente ahora! saludos desde lima, te veo desde el 2015 🙂 xo

    PD: AMO los garbanzos pero casi nunca me salían hasta que me enseñaron el truco del bicarbonato de sodio y de pronto los como SIEMPRE jajaja

  11. Man you people don't know how to coke these things please watch some videos of Pakistan Cooking of Chick Peas you will understand how to cook Chick Peas and Lentils.

  12. I make almost the same cacao coffee smoothie everyday! I use frozen butternut squash instead of banana and add in coconut cream, almond butter, and pumpkin purée! xo

  13. That smoothy looks good. Chocolate has to have Cinnamon. Only way I eat chickpeaa is fresh chickpeas. Do not like canned. May have to try them with lemon next time I can make some. Looks good. I hear ya. Even trying to treat yourself right. You can still feel crappy. Stay safe. That's Women Hormones for you..🤫😆

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