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What I Ate Today | Spring 2020 | My Current Fave Vegan Meals

I still haven’t found a human hamster wheel.. OPEN FOR IMPORTANT INFO & FAQ’s: What supplements do I take as a vegan? – B12 – D3 + K2 formula – Omega …

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  1. Coucou je vous adooore !!!je vous regarde sans vraiment comprendre mais les images parlent d elle même dommage qu il n existe pas de version française bises veganes

  2. I just found this channel and now i am constantly craving peanut butter, the only nur butter i can afford lol, and im overall just really enjoying this. Im trying to learn to eat healthier and your food always looks so bomb.

  3. New subscriber here and I love your videos! Ever think of doing a grocery shopping unbagging video for frequently used products you use? I ask only because I’m a very visual learner and what if I get the wrong product? Or maybe post links to often mentioned ingredients?

  4. Watching this before I go to the store and making a list…There is no tahini on my list….Maybe I should just unsubsribe 😀

  5. baby viewers: believes everything miles says

    editing miles: teaching us that all youtube influencers lie, even him

    baby viewers: wonderstruck believes him even more

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