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What I Eat as a Vegan: Easy Spring Meals

Here’s all of the simple & easy spring-inspired food that I ate in a day as a vegan! Tell me your favorite thing you’ve eaten today in the comments below 🙂 ✗ My …

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  1. Background music not pleasant when watching the video faster. Sorry. I love your food and recipes but the music is unnecessary. Don't waste your time.

  2. I wish I could eat your a huge dinner followed by a huge dessert. I wouldn’t be able to digest in time to sleep at night. Am I the only one who thinks this is a huge amount of food for an evening meal?

  3. hmm, making my own version of your spring pasta tonight with artichokes, peas, kale, and asparagus! I made the sauce using roasted salted almonds and it is amazing!

  4. So delicious! That pasta sauce idea was brilliant- I have never thought of making such pine-nuty sauce!
    Also, I absolutely love your videos. I've been watching them for a loooong time now (long before I went vegan) and they always make me smile a lot. Very relaxing, inspiring an uplifting!

  5. a request: can you make a video of an fancy vegan dinner? like 3 courses and can be as time consuming as possible? XDas much as i appreciate simple quick meals in my "normal" life, I would love to try something fancy and time consuming during quarantine and try some new cooking skills!

  6. Your recipes are all so easy to follow. Thanks for inspiring Jezzy and I to get in the kitchen and cook it up. We are a Vegan couple based here in LA. We were recently hit hard with this Covid-19 since we are DJs. Your vids have motivated us to make our own channel to share our plant-based life with the world. Appreciate you and keep killing it! – Mike Sincere

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