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What I Eat in a BUSY Day 😵 | Quick + Easy Vegan Meals

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  1. Lisa, Im a big fan of your channel, but I am genuinely disappointed that you have decided to promote Four Sigmatic. They are a company that blatantly lies about the health benefits of their products, and misleads consumers regarding the amount of the "active" ingredients in their coffees. Unnatural vegan did a great debunking of their products.

    In the description, it states that that you only advertise products that you "love", and frankly, if you personally love having what is essentialy hugely overpriced, bad tasting coffee, that is fine, but you have a duty of care as a public influencer (one that influences other people) to ensure that you are assessing any and all of the claims of the products you promote, so as not to mislead your own suppourters. I don't think you've successfully done that here. I mean, you stated that the coffee you drank in the video "supposedly" gives you a boost", so I think it seems clear that you're somewhat uncomfortable and have some hesitancy explicitly parroting the health benefits they claim. Though, in my opinion, even vaguely referring to things like "productivity" and "a boost" is not really responsible in my view, given that these are baseless claims.

    Also, over 50 dollars for a 15 day supply of a protein powder with less than 2 grams total of mushrooms a serve? I could literally have a fry up with a handful of white buttoun mushrooms, and I would be ingesting more mushrooms in total than someone drinking cups of four sigmatic daily for years. It would also be substantially cheaper, too.

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