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What I Eat In A Day • Easy Vegan Recipes

Some of my goals for 2020 are to eat better for my own health. My family has a history of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other health issues that can …

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  1. Loved this recipe vlog… I eat meatless once or twice a week too for my health… on those days I eat tofu and plenty of veggies… keep it up… loved this one 8)

  2. Edit: I was just reminded honey is not vegan, my apologies! You can also replace honey with other sweeteners like Stevia, brown sugar, etc 🙂

    Please read the description above!

    *DISCLAIMER: This was not a video of me "attempting to be vegan" for the day. I respect everyone's diet choices and I hope you can respect mine as well. I ate vegan for a few days last week to see if I felt any different and it turns out I didn't. I didn't feel like I was starving and I wasn't craving meat. Through this experience I would like to be more mindful in incorporating more plant based meals into my weekly groceries and meals. I have read that livestock farming produces over 20% of greenhouse gas emissions and a few of my goals for 2020 are to eat better and to be more sustainable.

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