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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY 2021 *realistic & healthy*

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY 2021 *realistic & healthy* IT’S VLOGMAS SZN BABY i hope you enjoy this video! there will be a new video …

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  1. Video ideas:
    Winter inspired fits
    What I wear in a week for winter
    Shop with me for more Christmas decor
    Rating my fav Christmas movies
    Relaxation day Christmas inspired
    Make Christmas deserts with me
    Jam with me Christmas playlist
    My Christmas wishlist
    Living a day as my Christmas Pinterest boards

  2. Omg soooo cool <3🧡🦋🌻
    I mean HOW can u pull yourself together to do ???
    I don't even workout single day !!
    U and ur vids are "JUST PERFECT"

  3. Vids I want mia to make ( I hope u like it <3 )
    – decorating gingerbread house
    – making Christmas cookies
    – q & a
    – threadbyamelia process
    – 50 things to do when you’re bored
    – your fav Christmas recipes i hope this help ily Mia 🥲💗

  4. Video Ideas

    1) Bake with me + Q&A
    2) Make + decorate a gingerbread house
    3) A house/room tour – Christmas edition
    4) Recipe of ur fav christmas treats
    5) Show us ur christmas playlist
    6) Christmas DIYs
    7) Workout routine

    This was all i could think of. Hope this gave u some ideas for future videos💞 And i love how u just decided to work out and not overthink and procrastinate. This is something i struggle with a lot

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