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What I Eat In A Day As A Model | Fashion Week Preparation | Sanne Vloet

What I Eat In A Day As A Model To Prepare For Show Season | My Fashion Week Preparation Diet, Snacks I Make In Between Meals, & My Favorite Sweet …

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  1. While I like the idea of making my own granola, because then I actually know what's in it.. where the hell am I supposed to find ghee butter.. Besides online for more than I'm willing to pay.

  2. To be quite honest I believe for her field and for her wanted size this is absolutely perfect.She not only eats protein but she also eats many essential foods that we should have (milk isn’t one but I personally don’t drink it and I think I’m just fine without it). So I don’t know what y’all are eating but this seems really balanced and I’m so glad a model is eating like this and helping normalize healthy eating habits and not starvation in our society. Overall kudos to you and I hope watching this opens your eyes to eating actual food and not baby portions:)💕

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