What I Eat In A Day| Balanced Vegan Meals

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  1. Okay, now I see how well you eat, that is good, you'll have plenty of energy to stay fit as need… and you are balanced and look really good. Nice Vlog. Now, Me, an Vegan, Oh No, I tried to do to much in a day, so I will always need so Meats…Take care Babe.

  2. You never eat fruits ? Cooked food looks good but a lot processed so i would peacefully recommend you to consume more raw. Anyway thanks for sharing Toni.
    Be blessed.

  3. Can we just appreciate how despite Toni not posting as often as other youtubers, she inspires us DAILY to get our gains, eat clean, and thrive in life?! GOALS on so many levels

  4. Love her simple yet effective way to do her thing while delivering the vegan fitness/nutritional message. Plus, she's got that toned up body right on target! 💪🎯🤙

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