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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY – DETOX DAY!! Quick, Easy & Healthy Recipes to kickstart 2020!!⚡️

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  1. Hello!

    I bought the vegan bundle a couple days ago and read your My healthy lifestyle e-book. You seem like a really nice, positive person and I certainly enjoyed some of the recipes and agreed with a lot of what you said, for example the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables and exercise and I also think dates are delicious 🙂 However, some of the things you wrote really concerned me. I am a second year med school student so I have been studying a lot about the human anatomy and also nutrition the past years. I don’t mean any harm but I think it is also not good to spread mis-information so there are a few points about the e-book I want to touch on:

    When you said that there has never been a person that was deficient in sodium that is simply not true. The condition is called hyponatremia and is actually the most common electrolyte imbalance and can be caused by example excessive sweating or diarrhea. Sure, most people eat way too much salt and you don´t need a lot of salt in your diet but if you for example exercise regularly and sweat a lot (the sweat contains electrolytes) and then get the stomach flu and expell sodium out that way too you could actually run into trouble.

    You say that mono meals are great because usually the body needs to produce different enzymes for every food we eat but that is not true either. Digestive enzymes can be divided into broad groups such as lipases that break down fats, proteases that break down proteins, amylases that break down carbohydrates etc. There is no fruit specific enzymes so if you eat several types of fruits they won’t digest much differently to just one type of fruit since a similar cocktail of digestive enzymes will be released either way. Also, since most fruits also contain a little bit of protein and fat a cocktail of different enzymes will be released anyway. Your body is designed to do this so you don’t spare your body any trouble by eating mono meals. However it might often be beneficial to eat different types of food in one meal since different nutrients might be absorbed more efficiently this way, for example having a fat source with A-vitamin rich foods is necessary for the A-vitamin to be absorbed since it is a fat-soluble vitamin.

    When you said you could just live off dates and not be deficient this is not true. You would be lacking in many nutrients such as vitamin B1, B2, B12, C, D, E, K, folate and iodine, selenium and zinc and also be deficient in many amino acids. Dates are healthy as a snack or as part of a meal but you can´t live off them!

    Also proteins are important. Sure it is really hard to become totally protein deficient but the body has 9 amino acids that it can not make itself and that need to come from the diet and the way you get it from the diet is eating enough protein and eating varied sources of protein. Protein is not something that just can be dismissed on a plant-based diet.

    What I really found alarming was your view on colon function. First of, the colon does not produce enzymes (the pancreas, small intestine and stomach does that) and does not absorb many nutrients either. It’s role is to absorb excess water and certain key ions and store feces until they are expelled. Waste is not built up in the colon since your body has a system of expelling the stuff that comes trough the GI-tract. For example, between meals your stomach and intestines are also active and propel down stuff that has been hard to digest so there is no risk that something gets clogged there, especially if you have no medical issues. That is why for example you can swallow a coin and poop it out a couple days later. So the colon is fully capapble of cleaning itself. The intestine tract is actually pretty muscular and can contract and propel stuff forward efficiently. The reason why you can get bloated and gassy when you transition to a plant based diet is not because old stuff is clogged there, it simply takes some time for your body to adjust so for example your intestines during a standard western diet have probably received too little fiber and they adjust over time to more fiber in your diet. Colonics are not something you should be doing since you are flushing out the good bacteria and possibly also damaging the cells lining the colon! You suggesting that you can just refuel with good bacteria is not that simple since the population of different species of bacteria in the colon is actually quite complex and it takes time to build it up and you can not just take a probiotic afterwards to fix it if you rid the colon of all the good bacteria. The bacteria in your colon is actually super important since they produce for example vitamin K and certain B-vitamins that your body then can absorb (even though you need to get these vitamins from the diet too!).

    I think being plant-based is great but there are certain things you also need to consider so I hope you read this or some of your followers do since there is no need to feel forced to do mono meals or colonics, quite the other way!

  2. I have always loved your what I eat in a day videos!😍❤ I wish I could load up on leafy greens and raw vegetables but sadly, it's not for me! I'm glad it wasn't all about juices because there are other foods for detoxing 🙌

  3. Very disappointed with this video! If you don’t buy this book for 50 dollars- how are you going to get healthy ? I have been vegan for 4 yrs and didn’t have to buy someone’s book to do that! There is a lot of free video and recipes to follow! Also Pinterest!
    Not everyone in the world lives so highly as you vegan you tubers!
    Not trolling- don’t know you as a person, just tired of everybody trying to grab a buck off the back of others who are trying to be vegan for animal welfare! I see no animal welfare info or awareness- why are you vegan?
    What does being Vegan mean?

  4. I like your salad recipes but where are the proteins? Where are the carbohydrates? All I see is green salad, more veggies and fruit. I was so happy seeing the quinoa in that salad but why don't you go for more quinoa and less kale? You're already getting enough greens

  5. Thank You so much for such an opportunity! So happy to own the bundle and amongst so many amazing books have Yours too!
    Also it’s so surprising to see you having quinoa and tahini!!! How do you like those and how’s your body handling them at the moment as in the past you’ve mentioned having difficulty digesting them?

  6. People in the comments seem to not like that you used the word detox, but in this video you ate 2x more than most people who do a detox day! You still ate a lot of food and incorporated fats and even had quinoa! I think it was perfect. Just because you used the word detox and didn’t have avocado toast or some vegan sweets doesn’t mean you starved yourself.

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