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What I Eat in a Day (During Quarantine) | Workouts + Simple Vegan Meals

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  1. Who else is eating more because of boredom during quarantine? I don't know if I should feel disgusted about myself or finish strong with something sweet 😂 At least I have more time to cook and I am active! Please do a video about quarantine guilt-free snack ideas and continue filming your food diary ❤️

  2. I also feel like time's been going really fast but really slow at the same time. I think it's because I'm not doing much, the days drag on but when I look back, I can't remember much, so it feels like they've flashed by.

  3. I really enjoyed this video, I appreciate the "messiness". It feels like it was filmed at my place, not as sterile as most other YouTubers. Which is also fine, but I prefer this 💛

  4. Thank you for sharing your meals! I’m always inspired to rotate my meals since I easily get bored but still use staple ingredients especially during this time ♥️ Burrito bowls/smoothies have been my go to

  5. 6:53 Did you get your wooden spatula from DAISO (it’s adorable btw)?
    Also I’m definitely going to trying the new mixed rice combination, it sounds delicious 😍
    And I’ve also had the salt incident with paprika and black pepper😳……..ever since then I couldn’t even stand the smell of paprika 😖, but black pepper is too good to hate or leave out on anything😆
    Thank you so much for the ideas! Hope your family stays healthy and safe (including Subie!). ❤️🙏

  6. Your lunch made me want to rewatch Clannad and eat dango 😭. I've tried to make it so many times and fail EVERY TIME *cries*. Rice and tortialls make everything better, I swear 😂. I veganized my childhood favorite arroz a la Valenciana recently to use up some freezer stuff 💕. Stay safe ~😶~

  7. Ooo that yogurt bowl looks amazing!! Also love that you ended the day with a Lenny and Larry cookie, they’re my favorite!!😊 hope you continue to be happy, healthy, and safe❤️❤️

  8. Would you be willing to share your at home workouts? It's something I've been struggling with (I do great at the gym, but not so much at home! 😢) and would love to see what you are doing to maintain your physique during lock down! Thanks so much for considering this idea

  9. I’ve been eating a lot of mixed rice dishes during quarantine too. The ingredients are starting to get a little repetitive since I haven’t been shopping in awhile, but I’ve been using different sauces to keep it interesting.

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