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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: easy healthy meals for 2021

What I eat in a day: easy healthy meals for 2021 that are realistic recipes! WHAT I EAT IN A DAY Playlist: …

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  1. You are the only grain free YouTuber (channel) that has original recipes. Everything outhere is the same thing over and over again. Your recipes are truly unique and taste AMAZING! Keep up the amazing original content

  2. Corona got me eating not very healthy. 😩 . Trying to get back in the vibe. Your recipes look amazing. I will be making this. Thanks for the videos!. Your puppy is cute and I like your kitchen.

  3. Omg your puppy sleeping on the teddy bear! 😍 My heart is melted. So cute! ❤️🐶 Thank you for all the great recipe ideas! They all seemed really new and unique. I’ve never used tahini for anything other than hummus so it will be great to try your tahini dressing recipe. Also there seemed to be a small typo- for the tahini dressing did you mean 1/4 tsp of salt?

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