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What I Eat In A Day For Maximum Weight Loss / Vegan Plant Based Diet / Starch Solution Meals

… IN A DAY” Playlist sharing so many simple vegan recipes “HOW TO …

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  1. All of those recipes looked amazing as always! Just made your pineapple fried rice during prep for the week as well making your pasta marinara steamed veggies meal. That chili looked delicious!

  2. You and your channel are simply wonderful! You are inspiring so many in changing for a better quality of life. Thank you! ❤️

  3. You may have answered this question in the past so I apologize, but does your daughter and husband eat the same meals as you? Thanks! And thanks for the great content!!!

  4. I have been researching this lifestyle lately. Scared to take the full dive in. My family are meat eaters. My children and my husband…. wondering if I could resist the temptation. As I love chicken and fish… but my body is having a very hard time processing the other junk.

  5. I have this in the multi cooker now since I had all the stuff. What do you use the left over adobe for? I put the can in the freezer.

  6. Hey Taylor, thank you for the great recipes as always. I have noticed that you don't seem to add salt to many of your recipes. Do you perfer using garlic salt as a substitution instead of salt?

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