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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY For Optimal GUT HEALTH (full day of eating)

GUT FRIENDLY What I Ate In A Day | Foods for DIGESTION, GOOD GUT BACTERIA, & RICH IN VITAMINS & MINERALS (fiber, fermented foods, & nutritionally …

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  1. Just gonna put this out there Incase someone watches this and decides to blindly follow someone who is not trained in nutrition. You don’t need to east only probiotics all day; it might just end up doing more harm to you. Please do not restrict yourself and go down a rabbit hole of bad nutrition decisions. Eat enough carbs, protein, fats, fruits and veggies. Please do your research and see a nutrition professional, not someone giving random advice off the internet

  2. also I love that you're real with your what I eat in a day, it shows your human. you eating chips made me feel like "damn I'm not the only one" these videos are awesome and you shouldn't feel conscious about what youre eating during these videos because I think that this is what your subscribers like to see.

  3. I think miso is also really good for your gut (even though it is made from soy) it is fermented and many people with stomach problems drink miso tea because it helps cleanse your gut. So I think miso salmon would taste really delicious and also be really good for your gut.

  4. FIY ; if you want the benefits of HCl you should not dilute it ; what you want is to keep an acidic pH so when you dilute it with water, the pH changes!!

  5. Oooh no to the green apples. They are soooo tart! 😣Honeycrisp are my favorite. I also enjoy Fuji, braeburn, pink lady and golden delicious. There are others that are amazing too but I cant think of their names now haha.
    There's a huge farm area about an hour away from me called Apple Hill. Tons of farms and wineries in that area, and its beautiful. Every time I head that way (it's on the way to Lake Tahoe) I stop in and get freshly picked fruits, nuts, homemade pies, cider, apple wine, jams etc. It's so good. 😋

  6. Renee,
    Hello! I'm a new subscriber to your channel so I am just recently getting to know you, your channel, and what you're into. I enjoy your 'what I eat in a day' videos and would LOVE to see what you eat on the weekends! Through your Youtube, Instagram, and Podcasts you are always so positive and uplifting with and t your fans and I feel as though we should send that love and positivity right back to you by requesting videos that you enjoy making and feel comfortable making without having to feel triggered or reminded of a past situation that you so strongly made it out of. I love your videos, they always get my week off to great start and keep me feeling accountable and organized throughout the week. Thanks for all you do!

  7. You can damage your esophagus by drinking ACV without diluting it. Try making an 8oz cup of hot water, only put 2TBS of ACV and mix with honey. The taste definitely has to be acquired but it helps this way! 🙂

  8. I like apple cider vinegar, water, lemon juice and ice and it actually ain’t bad. Better than that, if you are abstaining from Alcohol, it works as a deterrent. If I have cravings I literally drink that 😂✌🏼

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