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FULL DAY OF EATING! Healthy meals and snacks I’m currently eating in quarantine. DOWNLOAD ALIVE BY WHITNEY for my new 4-week at home Alive Inside …

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  1. You have been a bright light through all these hard times. I have been loving your workouts so much so thank you. Side note could you do a Q&A with Stefan !! You two are so cute together and I love watching your Q&As

  2. Do you eat low carb? I've been doing the keto diet since I am quarantined and eating a lot of carbs while quarantined wouldn't be the best thing for my body…I can't run them off lol

  3. Banana pancakes are my favourite lockdown breakfast ever!! I literally just mash up banana with an egg, mix in a heaped tbsp of self raising flour and a good sprinkling of cinnamon, and cook them in a teeny bit of butter. The most delicious breakfast EVER! I always top the pancakes with strawberries and a squeeze of lemon 😍
    Loved this video!

  4. For EASY AND GOOD Dole whip: Do equal parts banana and frozen pineapple and coconut milk. Don’t add anything else.. (or you can add honey/ other natural sweeteners to sweeten it more but like a few tablespoons) blend and then should come out like a smoothie AND THEN. Pour into a container to scoop out!

  5. I've tried to make dole whip a couple different times and honestly, the closest thing that reminds me of the Disneyland recipe is just frozen pineapples blended with a little bit of coconut milk and just a pinch of lime juice, fill the glass with dole whip and then top with pineapple juice and you have a dole float 🙂

  6. Yummy!!! 😍 Thank you for sharing this video filled with wonderful recipes; I’ll have to try a few. 💯 I love how realistic you are! You inspire me and so many others. 🙌🏻💙✨

  7. What tanner do you have one in this vid ? I know you have loving tan and you do use another one sometimes but I’m just curious bcuz holly molly it looks beautifully perfect on you!

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