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What I Eat In A Day| Healthy Realistic: Soy Free + Gluten Free Vegan Meals

Hey y’all! Here’s a full day of what I eat on a soy free gluten free vegan diet with balanced healthy meals that can be used for weightloss. My Instagram: …

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  1. OKay, I just found your channel, Toni, and I'm hooked! As a vegan mom to FOUR I really don't make my fitness a priority but you've got me feeling alll inspired to get up and get back in shape!

  2. Protein powder is convenient but I just have beans , lentils or chickpeas then have my fructose smoothie with some greens 🥬 👌🏼✌🏼

  3. Hi Toni! I've been vegan for almost 2 years and just started my gym routine last week. I noticed you didnt eat alot of carbs during this day, is that normal for you?
    Also, I get so sweaty in my crotch while I'm working out, do you have a brand of workout clothes that you prefer?

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