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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | New Recipes | Nigerian Food + Meal Ideas !

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | New Recipes | Nigerian Food + Meal Ideas ! #WhatIEatInADay #MealIdeas #NigerianFood #SisiYemmie …

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  1. Why are you not dropping the full recipe, do we have to ask for it? Please what's the name of that drink you had from the restaurant? Where is the restaurant situated? In addition, you should allow meat to seasoning for 10-15 minutes before you add water to enable the meat test good.

  2. I was already going to say how delicious that couscous looked (though I’d prefer smoked meat to liver) and then you said you added fried plantain to the leftovers and that put it over the top! Any moin moin laying around, lol? I do have a question – do you know of an Amazon source for good quality Oloyin beans in the US? Or another mail order service? They are hard to find where I currently live and I just don’t want the flour. Thanks for the advice and videos!

  3. Sisi eh, the way that your white pot swallows ingredients eh. It looks small on screen but I'm shocked at how it takes in more and more food items. 😂😂 That kind of yam pottage is one of my favourite meals, super yummy!!

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