What I Eat In A Day On Keto PLUS Chat! March 2021

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Custom Keto Diet

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  1. Love your videos!! I enjoy watching and listening to you both ❤️ I have been on Keto for 2 years and was suffering from boredom, then started watching your channel. You’ve rescued my mind set. I work at a grocery store, super tough mentally currently (people are TOUGH right now) I save up and watch your videos on my lunch breaks, they’re my “treat” to lighten my stress to finish out my workday. Thank You, Thank You!!
    Keep up the item suggestions ❣️

  2. Ok, maybe I missed it and didn’t post it but did I ask you guys about the Bang “shots” they are selling at WalMart? It is a little bottle, similar to the five hour energy shots, but they are Bang. I guess made for people who don’t want to drink an entire can. Have y’all seen these yet?

    Also, please send some of your nice spring weather my way. We just went through a blizzard here in Colorado and we got over two feet of snow in 24 hours. Supposed to snow again tomorrow and Monday. Grrrr…Anyways, lmk about the Bang shots! xo

  3. My husband needs a hobby because he retires next year. He has been keto for over a month now, by the way, losing over 20 pounds so far! He has always had an interest in metal detecting and he seemed interested when I tell him about Chris´ finds and the convention thing he just went to. What type of metal detector would you recommend for a beginner and where do you purchase your supplies!

  4. For what it’s worth, I’m getting close to one year of keto and thanks to you guys I’ve been able to maintain doing a mix of keto and low carb. I’ve lost some weight (and since school started back I’ve gained back a few😕) but I am still a believer that this is a life style for me now. A1c went from 9.1 to 6.8 and despite the chaos of school and holidays I only went up to 6.9! Thanks for helping me get this under control and for always giving me ideas on what to eat.

  5. Hello Kristi – love your channel and your Facebook Group – thankyou for all you do – could you tell me please how much of the CBD oil you take in the morning and at night – I just purchased the one that you recommend. Many thanks

  6. Was binge watching and you love the pink top quite often in your videos. Squirrel. Did you ever get a plaque when you won the YouTube keto most upcoming/watched inspirational. There’s never been an update or did I missed it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  7. We love you guys. Just got some Keto Chow because my son heard you talking about it and wanted some. Lol

    I just passed 5 months on keto and it’s been FANTASTIC! I’ve lost 35lbs. Dropped my A1C from 5.6 to 4.6! I’m completely off of my blood pressure meds. I have Hashimotos and being able to do all of that with just the change to my dietary lifestyle is insane!

  8. Also I was curious if you’re still walking and how you felt physically and mentally when you did your 31 miles in 31 days last year? Looking back now, do you think that helped with anxiety? I’ve been trying to incorporate activity, any activity to help with mine/sleep disorder. It’s supposed to release endorphins that are linked to happiness. Not sure I’ll ever link, in my feeble brain, exercise with happiness,. Ha! Ha! But as you say, getting back on the horse and just keep trying.

  9. Yes it’s Power Ade Zero. Come on Chris, take better notes😁. If I could post pics here I would but I will post pics of them in the FB group. I got mine at Food Lion. The Citrus Peach is AMAZING!! The Watermelon Berry…not do much.

  10. I’m debating buying a black stone griddle (or Sams brand which I hear is cheaper) because I cook a lot and my nonstick pan isn’t big enough for all the meat I cook for my family. Takes too long. How often do you use yours and how often do you replace your propane? How expensive is it to refill? Also do you keep yours outside?

  11. Not sure if you’re still in need of some anxiety help? But I linked to myStrength app through my husband’s insurance. I have sleep disorder issues and discovered it stems from anxiety. Go figure? I’ve only started and so far it’s free. If you try it, I’d love to know. I’m trying to make small changes… baby steps just like keto.

  12. What aisle did you find the parm crisps on? Maybe a coffee cup with Sip and Chat. I didn't like the Keto Indulge dark chocolate candy either. The center was dirt dry.

  13. I love your videos, I have gotten so many meal ideas from these and have really helped my journey with Keto, your cauliflower risotto is a recipe I make weekly! Have you tried any of the new Kiss My Keto bread crumbs? I tried pork rinds and could not take the taste and wonder how this product is as an option.

  14. I was so excited to buy the Strawberry Collagen and it finally came. Your description of adding almond milk and how good it tasted. I was so happy when it arrived. Well, surprisingly I didnt like it. 🙂 I hated it 🙂

  15. Hi I love you guys. Great help and motivation. I do have one doubt you guys at this point are almost on a sustainable keto diet because almost all the weight is already gone, but at first when you guys started practically two years ago to really lose the fat what were you doing…dirty keto?what do you recommend to the people like me that are just starting this way of life?

  16. Here's a question for you guys. My name is Haley btw ☺️ My girlfriend is struggling to stick to keto due to binge eating. She has gained back the 30 pounds she lost. at night she snacks on unhealthy things. I want to help her…Any recommendations on what can help?

  17. Hi Kristi and Chris!
    Have either of ya'll tried the Key Lime Pie flavor Bang Energy or the Lemon poppy seed Perfect Keto bars? I think that Kristi likes lemon flavored things and so do I. If you have, what were your thoughts or flavor descriptions on both/either? Also, I am so happy to hear that more videos are to come from you. I love all of your content 💓

  18. I have a couple requests! 💗
    Would you consider doing a new recipe every week? I love your simple recipes that you show us like the egg roll in a bowl and pizza in a bowl. It’s the simplicity that I need in my life.
    Also, merch!! I’ve seen some really cute keto quotes out there and would love to buy but would rather support someone like you. I’m gonna have to find some examples to help get you started.
    You are appreciated!!! 💗💗

  19. Love your videos and how you always encourage others to follow their journey that works for them. I noticed that y’all drink Bangs. I’ve never been into those kind of drinks especially when they tend to be on the sweeter side. But I saw where they had a Lemon Drop flavor and it was pretty tasty. Have y’all tried that one or any of the Jordan Skinny Syrups? I saw where they have some keto ones with mct oil. And I’ve fallen in love with the ChocZero candies (thanks for the discount code)! I’ve even gotten my sister wanting some since she tried the peanut butter cups I got. And of course, I’ve ordered her some too as a little surprise. I’ve lost almost 60lbs on the low carb/keto lifestyle. Hope y’all have a blessed day! 🤗

  20. Oh Kristi I can tell you are SO much happier and less stressed! So glad you are simplifying your life! And your neck pain is gone! Crazy good! About questions: Been too busy with my yorkie (3-1/2 lbs.) who had more teeth removed (2 this time, 28 total and yes there are very few left). AND a hysterectomy (spade)!! Had a real struggle with her but she is now much better (sitting in my lap now as I try to type with her chin across my arm! Kisses from her (Gia) to Quincy ! I wonder if you have tried the Highkey pecan clusters? WOW they are so much like real candy turtles! I am on their auto delivery plan now! DELISH! Blessings!!

  21. just found Duke's at our walmart and trying it. I'm a Blue Plate mayo girl so I'll let ya know my thoughts once I try the Duke's. Glad to find one with no sugar though 🙂

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