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  1. For breakfast I love to take a Joseph’s pita and put 1 slice of Velveeta, 1 egg and 2 slices of turkey bacon. Fold it in half like a taco. 😋 oh and you HAVE to season your egg with some slap ya momma. For those of you that are on the WW purple plan… it’s a 3 point breakfast just FYI.

  2. I had those tostadas from hello fresh too! They were so good I ate 4 🤣 also what brand of pots and pans do y’all use!? I’m in the market for new ones and those look like really good quality

  3. I really appreciated that you made no mention of calories and didn’t overemphasize “healthy” foods. It’s really helpful for those of us who are recovering from unhealthy mindsets about food, disordered eating, and orethorexia! Especially when it seems like everyone is eliminating or restricting something, like gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, vegan, etc. this was very refreshing and inspiring 🙃

  4. grits with butter, some sugar and a little splash of milk is my absolute favorite! I've never heard of anyone else eating theirs with sugar! 🙂

  5. If the eggs aren't enough to satisfy you at breakfast, I would consider substituting fruit for the grits. They are high in sodium causing you to add sugar, as well as high in carbs, which spikes your insulin and contributes to belly fat. You might want to watch your carbs in other meals too (the naan and tortillas) as they're basically empty and unhealthy calories. I enjoy your channel. 🙂

  6. Not necessarily the healthiest option, but only a few ingredients, you can make ahead and warm daily, plus they’re delicious 😋

    Brown and drain 1 roll of sausage, put back in pan and add 1 jar of old English cheese spread and let that melt together, half an entire pack of regular English muffins (so you should have 12 half slices) lay them on cookie sheet and top with sausage then I shred some sharp cheddar cheese over each muffin and bake at 375 • just until cheese is melted and bottoms are a little crispy… yummy!!!

  7. Ok not related to this video, but I remember you sharing a good while back about a great moisturizer for extra dry skin … can you direct me to that video or can you tell me what product you recommended? I’ve looked but can’t find the video!! I sure appreciate it!!

  8. Love your channel!! Local NC girl too! I wanted to share my what I eat for breakfast. I meal prep on Sunday’s for my breakfast and lunch but my favorite breakfast meal prep is a breakfast bowl. It is 2 eggs (scrambled, hard boiled), 2 pieces of turkey sausage (or your favorite choice of meat) and seasoned roasted potatoes with a side of fruit. My other favorite is avocado toast!! 😍😍😍

  9. LOVED seeing the breakfast and lunch ideas! That omelet looked so good, It would be super good with some of the pico on it that you had on your tostadas. I've never seen tostadas made with flour tortillas. When we make them we fry a corn tortilla until its crisp! try it some time! Would love to see more naan pizza combinations.

  10. I always think this each time I watch you and your coffee, and forgive me if you've already been asked and answered it, but have you ever considered making your own cold brew? My God you'd save so much money.

  11. I meal prep different breakfast burritos and breakfast tacos and freeze them. I grab one on the way out and heat it once I get to work. This works well for myself and son. I make all different kinds, sausage, bacon, chorizo, etc.

  12. I tried kale salad tonight and it was delicious!!! I used olive oil and vinegar dressing, mushrooms, shredded parm and some avocado! Also a few sliced almonds! Thanks for sharing this salad now I know I like Kale! Love your videos thanks!

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