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  1. Be careful with the soy milk though, because Soy heightens your estrogen and when I used to love soymilk I was super emotional. And everyone around me was like are you “on your period?”But I wasn’t it was all the soymilk I was drinking LOL and on a more serious note, it’s not good for The body in a lot of different ways, including cancer

  2. Meat and dairy aren’t bad for you. On the contrary, Allah has given us these things to consume. But the way the industry works nowadays is definitely bad and mostly not halal. I’ve been a vegetarian for 2 years but I realized that its pretty pointless. Instead of going meat (and diary) free, you can also just have it once or twice a week. Ive heard that the prophet pbuh didn’t consume a lot of meat either (look this up to be sure). Just have a nice balance, you’re doing great already! ❤️

  3. I love using my Spiralizer Spiral Slicer!! We use it weekly!! It makes eating more healthy for the whole family especially the little ones. Adam is so cute!! 💕

  4. Hi, i am a nutritionist and i just wanted to clear up that Egg yolks have good cholesterol which helps with removing the bad cholesterol from the arteries. Eggs are considered the epitome of protein and should be enjoyed. Please consult a health professional for health advice and make sure you research the advice you hear before you believe it.


  5. I’m not a hater, but do you really eat like this everyday? Seems like every YouTuber has the same diet. It just looks like a trend. Also the whole vegan phase doesn’t last. We humans need meat, not much but enough for our iron levels l.

  6. PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THESE! Love this video! I am also working towards transitioning to meat free&dairy free so this was so so insightful 💞😃

  7. I just love how amazing you are ma sha allah such a sweet and morally conscience person Amar is soo soo lucky to have you Manal and so is Adam ma sha allah such an amazing family love you all loads ❤💚🤗👑👑👑😻😻

  8. I need that zucchini pasta maker 😭😭 Loved the video, definitely gonna try it!! I was like YESSS when you added broccoli 😂😂 Adam is so cute, may Allah continue to bless your family ❤️🇪🇹

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