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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY to lose weight | healthy weight loss | Taylor Bee

This video is about a what i eat in a day! I lost 50lbs, and wanted to share some helpful advice and meal / work out advice to help you on your weight loss …

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  1. I’ve burn about 17 pounds of my very own body weight immediately after I applied this “Yamzοkο Weebly” diet plan (Google it).It is miraculous to experience a possible final result from this. This diet plan gets results truly quick and I also like it. There is extremely a significant difference about how my very own t-shirt will fit now as compared 6 days ago. .

  2. what if I cut off the snacks and only eat dinner (I don't eat breakfast and I only sometimes eat a simple sandwich on dinner) and I eat slow…. and I still don't get why I can't lose weight 😭

  3. This video is so amazing!! I uploaded a what I eat in a day video too, I’ll be happy if you check it out! In case, tell me what you think about it, it means so much to me.. thank you!

  4. I find you beautiful "before", and if you feel good in your body, that's all that matters, so I find you so beautiful "after" too. ^^

  5. I hear what you’re saying about listening to your body. I learn through weight loss management that there really is a big difference between feeling satisfied and being full. And it’s when you feel satisfied that you need to stop. And after that it’s your addiction that pushes you to be full so listening to your body ….is good advice

  6. Hard boiled eggs have been my GO TO breakfast lately. I love how savory and filling they are ! I sometimes will mash them and add onto avocado toast! So delish. Great video Taylor <3

  7. These videos are soooo helpful! Your Walden farms dressing recommendation on another video has helped me so much on my weight loss journey. I take my dressing in a little container to every restaurant we go to and it helps me stay on target. Keep these videos coming 😊❤️and I hope you’re still planning on doing your weight loss journey update that you talked about on IG. I think that would be super helpful for those of us just starting out in our journey or others or are maybe further along. Tips/tricks things that worked or didn’t work for you. Have a blessed day!

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