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  1. Girl you are 100% aries. You are strong willed and always keep going in life. I LOVE that about you ❤️ I'm a leo ♌ and aries people are my kindred spirits 🥰

  2. My favorite series on your channel. You’ve really inspired me so much in the kitchen! You put me onto vegan meat too (which I swore I would never want to try)

  3. I have just started documenting my weight loss journey on youtube and I am really appreciative of these day in the life style vlogs because it gives me so many healthy options to try. I’m so clueless when it comes to the healthy eating thing 😅 Keep up the good work!💪💪💪

  4. I am so excited I found your channel! had been Vegetarian for 1 year and a half. I literally been Vegan for a full week and I am loving it. Now that I found you, I can learn more vegan recipes. Also I do need an air fryer. You convinced me! I will be purchasing one.

  5. Girl all I have wanted to eat since being stuck at home is pancakes, am I alone on this? Also the difference between our cakes are that my medium size pancakes are the size of the pan. Yikes.

  6. Subscribed and watched you’re what I eat in a day videos. Love it! How long did it take you to lose weight? I’m trying to lose weight but I need healthy food ideas and these totally helped. How much exercise do you do? Can you do a video on how you balance healthy eating, filming, exercising and housework?

  7. Great tips for people who is trying to lose weight like me ..great video content 👍👍👍keep it up 😉…guys i am also doing some videos like this maybe you are interested to check it out …i will hug to those people who like this video and hug me back…lets grow together and support each other ..thank you👍👍👍

  8. Are the vitamins you take just regular vitamins or probiotics? I've been really needing some probiotics and wanted to see if you knew any good ones

  9. Hello friends, I am Ayman and I wanted to share my story with everyone. I went through the experience of losing weight, but with difficulty, after practicing many tired activities, and after several weeks of fatigue and exhaustion, but I discovered some products that really helped me in losing weight at a time Brief and without fatigue and no fatigue, no time wasted, no money, no fatigue, which I highly recommend and that will make a wide difference in the life of every one persevering in losing weight, you can write to me and I will share with you the method that helped me in losing weight and the products that The reason for that was without her, she would not be fit and welcome to all friends

  10. Hello from California 👋 I made the potatoes in the air fryer OMG my family loved them. They are a hit we will be making these often. I really enjoy watching your videos.

  11. You had me at "the bomb diggity". I used to say that all the time but ended up stopping because my (younger) cousin teased me about it. I found your YouTube channel from comments on Kelly Strack Video. I can't wait to watch more of your videos!!

  12. These are my fav videos 🥰🥰 you inspire me to eat healthier, I love how everything you recommend is affordable💙all the love jas🥺 can we get an updated pamper routine !?😊

  13. Hi Jas! Thanks for this video. Always love these videos. Hope you are well. I am doing alright. I happened to go outside and break my right leg on this day and ended up at the hospital and had surgery. Now I'm home and catching on your channel. It's helping me take my mind off my pain.

  14. I just made the potato wedges in the air fryer with the mayo and hot sauce dip and omgggg! This is sooo good! Thank you for sharing 😊

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  16. I really need to try that sea moss! Please do more of these your “what I eat in a day” videos are my fav! Even though I’m not vegan lol. Also do you know of a good green powder that I can order off of amazon? Love you girly 💜

  17. OMG that Tortilla soup is the GOAT I do add sliced banana peppers, chili powder, smoked paprika and a pinch of salt and if I have it on hand vegan cheddar. I'd love to try it with vegan parmesan but I'm too lazy to make it! 😁✌

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