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what i eat in a day: VEGAN 🌱 2020

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  1. one time I tried to make kimchi and I wasn't really excited to make it cause I thought that it was going to be so much work but it is sooooo easy trust me and it was soooo sooo good.

  2. You should definitely pickle kimchi. It is easy. Also, pickled cauliflower is wonderful, so is pickled broccoli ( that u steam first and eat within two days). Pickled cherry tomatoes and cucumbers are delicious. Again, eat those within two days. I agree with the others who commented that pickled green bean (I use French cut) and pickled radishes are awesome! Pickled purple cabbage is wonderful. It is crunchier than said sauerkraut, which I also love. I also pickle shredded ginger. U can put it on anything, especially Asian food, and, if you feel nauseous or have an upset tummy, a spoonful of the pickled ginger really helps, and it stays good for a loooong time!
    For a super easy and delicious pickle (cucumber) recipe, go to Vegan Bodega Cat’s vlog. She has an amazing recipe. It is so easy to make, and the pickles are GREAT! Keep on keeping up the good videos!

  3. I’m a little behind on your videos. I just turned on your post notifications on. I truly love you and these “what I eat in a day” videos! I’m transitioning to a vegan so you do give me many options & brands to try out 🙂 I love it

  4. I like that your vegan meals aren't centered around looking pretty and unrealistic portions. I also love that you add sauces, powders and pickled things to add all sorts of good flavors. Many times I see a vegan meal they add very little seasoning and it looks very bland, then they say it is "super satisfying and flavorful" when it really doesn't seem like it at all. The avocado kimchi toast looks great, same with lunch and dinner.

  5. I’m probably weird but I hate strawberries on oatmeal even tho I love strawberries themselves. Blueberries, raspberries all that stuff is okay on oatmeal but strawberries nah
    Idk I’m weird don’t judge me

  6. omg love your obsession with camelbak! I totally understand I love mine so much makes me drink a lot more than I usually would
    funny cause its just a water bottle and I never thought it would be so important to me but lol it definitely is I literally take it everywhere

  7. you are so right about the camelbak… i got one a few years ago and i swear i drink 3x more water with that water bottle than anything else. there’s something so addicting to chewing on the top that i drink so much more😅😂

  8. Thanks so much for these videos!! You give me good food ideas etc. Ive always struggled with eating vegan because I never knew what to eat, but now thanks to you I am inspired. Btw I’ve been eating oats every morning with fruit and peanut butter!!! And omg game changer. Love your channel girly 💞💞

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