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what i eat in a day: VEGAN 🌱 2020

fluffy coffee is IT folks 50 best vegan alternatives » my amazingly delish vegan banana bread recipe » what i eat …

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  1. Whitney Simmons for workouts! I typically watch her follow along ones that she posts on her instagram. She has recently posted a good amount that don’t include a ton of jumping around which is super nice!

  2. Krystel Dallas has great yoga and other workout videos! Lots of yoga options if that's your thing or Pilates, HIIT workouts, a bit of variety 🙂

  3. Sydney Cummings has amazing workouts! She's doing a series right now that is accessible to everyone – whether you don't have weights or you can't jump if you're living on the second floor. I love her!

  4. Whitney Simmons! She just posted last week a 20 minute workout and it says “apartment friendly” in the thumbnail because it doesn’t create any noise for the people below you.😇

  5. My absolute favorite fitness influencer is blogilates.She is AMAZING at what she does; her workouts are very good and effective and she is also very big about spreading body positivity and self love.I would highly recommend checking her out!!

    Edit:She does Pop Pilates and most of her workouts do not require any equipment

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