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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (VEGAN) / Easy Vegan Recipes

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  1. Pasta looks great ! but you should had the nutritional yeast at the end because by cooking it, you "kill" the yeast ; the benefit for your health comes from the alive yeast !

  2. Another Canadian tragedy… that was funny at first until I realized that maybe you were referencing the recent shooting. 😔

  3. Totally random question: Where did you get your coffee filter from? I'm in the market for a reusable coffee filter! 🙂
    Also, your videos are always awesome – thanks for sharing!!

  4. Started feeling so sad when I saw all that packaging for the vitamins, but then you said they were compostable and now I will definitely look this up!!!!

  5. Your food always so bomb!
    I just started a Youtube channel full of vegan content! Recipes, challenges, reviews and more! It would be a lot if you checked it out! 💛

  6. Tried the pasta recipe today and it is quite tasty. I did not add as much tahnini or the sugar though. I am amazed how creamy it ended up without using dairy! I am transitioning to a plant based diet and this helps a lot 😀

  7. I did that c/o quiz last year and had 2 boxes shipped, but I had to quit because I didn't even use any yet, I would like to try again. I like the little sayings and my name! So cute! I love the sound of the plasticky packets. I hope I can start the questionnaire again. I hope they're not expired, because I might as well start taking them…

  8. I recently began to add more vegan meals to my diet and honestly i love it so much I might go full vegan. I love to cook with chickpeas and even came out with my own delish recipe. I made a comedy/tutorial video on my channel if anyone is interested I encourage you to check it out 🙂

  9. Hi Rose! That pasta looks great I definitely want to try it! I was just watching some older Maangchi videos and she did a version of Mapo Tofu with pork, but it looks like it could easily be veganized with mushrooms instead and the ingredients look like things you use all the time!

  10. Veganism was invented by City Folk who are Removed from Nature. If you were Native-American…ANY tribe,…you’d understand the cycle of nature.
    Humans were evolved to eat Meat.

    It’s not like you die without macronutrients. You just slowly degenerate, which is what happens to Vegans. They get digestive issues..and so forth. Perhaps that explains why over 80% of Vegans turn back to eating meat later in life.

  11. I so need a waffle maker….I love cinnamon. It would have to have that in those waffles. Or even in berries. Cinnamon is so good with strawberries and raspberries. I didn't think those noodles would cook..😆 But it looks good. I am going to get me some of those seaweed chips..🙂

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