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What i EAT to feel good | VEGAN Mac and Cheese recipe made from VEGGIES|

This vlog was filmed 2 weeks ago right when we get back from Australia. Hope we can all stay healthy in this time together. Sending my love to everyone!

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  1. Hahahahaha…" way to quiet". That's always a sign that kids are doing something they shouldn't. I remember the day my son drew pictures on the mauve carpet with Hershey's syrup!

  2. Alana, have you given any thought to the possibility of opening a Health Food stand or restaurant on Kauai. Maybe in Poipu, Kapaa or maybe Hanalei? If so I may be willing to be an equity partner. Joe

  3. Just found your channel in the last week and have throughly enjoyed watching it. You've inspired me to return to my vegan diet but with a different mindset. When I tried it the first time I kept my pervious eating habits but just replaced the meat with a substitute. It wasn't the worst but I personally believe now that the sustainable way is to change my traditional meal structure to orientate around a diverse range of fruit, veg, nuts etc. So thank you so much for making this content <3 sending love to you and your fam from Sunshine Coast, QLD

  4. Ok please reply to my comment because I NEED to know what you did to your skin!!! It looks AMAZING! I have problem with hyper pigmentation and see yours has cleared away ~ please share!

  5. could you please give me the exact measurements for the Mac n cheese recipe! my husband and I just started becoming vegetarian this week 🙂 I love your cute little family!!

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