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WHAT I EAT TO GET SHREDDED IN 2020 | Full Grocery Haul

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  1. Any chance you could do another video like this with alternatives available in the UK? Orville Redenbacher’s smartpop etc. aren’t available here and would be good if you were able to find some alternatives !

  2. I love your food suggestions. I've been so tired of eating the chicken and broccoli. Broccoli and Cauliflower has been giving bad stomach issues, so I have avoided those. I miss cereal, so tired of oatmeal. What do you eat if you want a bowl of cereal?

  3. Loving your new recipes of “unhealthy foods” they say they are but are low calories and a switch up of some ingredients, I’m on a calorie deficit but pandemic has had me eating extra so all this will be on my snack list for my next trip to the store!

  4. This literally looks like my grocery hauls lol
    Especially those baked hot Cheetos and diet drinks. People can say what they want about the fake sugar but I wouldn’t have been able to sustain my new lifestyle without it and I’m down 108 pounds and in way better health than I was .

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