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What School Lunch Looks Like Around The World

Lunch time at school can be one of the best parts of a kid’s day. From aloo gosht in Pakistan to sausage rolls in Australia and smoky, tomato-y jollof rice in …

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  1. Very poorly researched, I would request The food insider team to not bring up such topics because they are almost impossible To represent accurately since countries have foods based on regions, kids don't eat the same thing for 365 days.

  2. Indian private school students be like:
    Y'all don't take your lunch box with u?

    Every Indian child's best memory is sharing mummy ke haath ka alu paratha with your friends 😌

  3. Sorry but I think they are mistaken what is actually being served at school lunches. And no the Thai Lunch example (which I’m sure is not a realistic example) is far from a balanced lunch (green papaya salad often has a ton of sugar, and the ratios seem heavy on meat and starch). The most balanced lunch I see is probably one the ones that had a variety of veggies.

    In terms of school lunches I had living in America. It was a baked potato on a good day. Most days it was a steamed hamburger with the bun steamed inside so it was soggy. Even the Mayo packets was warm which always weirded me out. Most days the food was so unappetizing I would just drink the milk and call it a day. If I had money I would buy a bag of hot Cheetos at the vending machine.

  4. as a chinese, i can say. we do not eat stuff like that. we either get rice thats melted until its a lump or pizza thats dry and other disgusting stuff.

  5. I'm Latin American and the part about Mexican school lunches is pathetic. No real Mexican would ever eat such a sad looking Torta,looks like something you'd buy from one of those super runned down gas stations,where they rarely replace their inventory,why buy that crap when downtown Mexico has dozens of markets that will make you something to eat 100% better.

  6. The school American lunches are the most uninspired,also yeah right. Where was my grilled cheese sandwich,brownie when I was a kid?. All I would get served would be cheap pizza you'd buy from a dollar store,or a ham and cheese sandwich under a heat lamp that made the darn thing super damp and lose 80% of its flavor with some 1% milk 😐

  7. To start with Nigerian schools don't have school lunches except boarding schools and you obviously have to feed them secondly I am Nigerian and have never seen a brocholi it is not a common vegetable hear.

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