What Sweetgreen Cofounder & Gwyneth Paltrow Put In Their Salads

GP knows how to make some really good salads, but to change up her formula, she invited her friend Nicolas Jammet, cofounder and chief concept officer of …

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  1. A nice quick meal with these beautiful salads with all that green🥬🍆🥑and those colors are waiting for you to eat them🥗😜

  2. Gwyneth, I have nothing against you, you are an amazing actress, but this is not life, it's too perfect, too pretty, too healthy. I"d rather follow Anthony Bourdain's philosophy on living and eating, it' sad he is no longer with us.

  3. Send a cease and desist a well established online group because your to lazy to come up with another name for your shitty snake oil brand that takes advantage of uninformed or stupid young women

  4. Part of me is inspired to buy different greens(if I can get them) and part of me feels this is a cooking show for the wealthy or pretentious. To put 50 different bowls of ingredients out just so you can choose a very few is conspicuous consumption. Where was the gold leaf for the top?

  5. I started watching this channel today, and ms. fabulous Gwyneth Paltrow!! I feel your soul, I get it, I'm a libra too haha, this video seemed like you were indecisive with your salad, and woah me too!! haha also I just recently been watching your interviews when you're speaking spanish.. you have been around since I was little but just now am I admiring you more! keep glowing beautiful. I hope to meet you one day. 💗

  6. I do love a good salad. When I make my own salad for a dinner party or gathering, I like to make the dressing a few hours ahead of time, to let the flavors meld together. Then, before I toss the salad with the dressing, I season it with a little salt. That makes the flavors really defined.

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