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What We Ate Today Quarantine Edition (Simple Vegan Meals)

Hang with us for a day while in quarantine! We are showing you everything we eat and do in a day 🙂 – OPEN FOR MORE + THE RECIPES – ⋇ IN THIS VIDEO …

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  1. Just came across your channel and love it! 💗💗💗
    Actually, I have had a couple "melt downs" during this quarantine…and I do work at home, but my hours have been reduced due to the COVID-19. I try to focus on the positive stuff and things I can learn or do during my off time…things I CAN control. 😊 However, I miss the beach and being able to hike, pic nic, etc. (I'm in the San Diego area)…but I especially miss hugging and seeing family / friends!!! I KNOW I'M NOT ALONE in this for sure!!!! XOXOXO 😘 May you stay well and be safe!

  2. I like your videos. I am vegan pbwf and I get a delivery of organic produce weekly and ever since the quarantine the delivery is late should be Wed and then they changed it to Thursday and they told the customers hang in there the delivery might be a day or 2 late so here I am Saturday still haven't received my fresh veggies so here I am just like you trying to make meals out of what is left in the fridge and pantry. I am happy to say I've been on quarantine since March 26th I only went to the store one time to get some more lemons and veggie sausage so now I am only eating whole foods there's nothing left LOL I don't even have rice. But the one time going to the store freaked me out I'm afraid to be around people even with a face mask. My breakfast this morning was garlic
    Portabella caps rainbow Swiss chard jalapeno peppers and dehydrated tomatoes I was going to throw in some quinoa but I am out of that 👎💔 boo.
    Anyway I just found you guys on you tube and wanted to tell you I am enjoying your videos please stay healthy and SAFE ❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜

  3. Was thinking it would be cool if y’all would do one of your take-out videos, quarantine style. Like how to grub hub vegan style or something and do a day of that?

  4. This has truly made people reevaluate what is important in life, I know at least for me it has. It's the little things in life we take for granted under "normal" circumstances. ♥️

  5. i tuned in on your vegetable storage. my first time on your channel. i have never thought of vegan food, never even tasted tofu.
    i would not even know where to start. we just have a meal with no meet.

  6. Hey Chris and Jaz 🙂 Great video guys. I especially want to try making the patties with beans. They look yummy. Thanks for sharing your positive vibes with us. Stay safe 🙂

  7. Thanks for showing us what you do during quarantine! I've been loving the quality time with my daughter. We went on a nature scavenger hunt and planted some wildflowers today! I think we might make these burgers for dinner tonight.

  8. Hey you guys! I literally just found your channel yesterday and I’m floored by you two. I love your recipes and your healthy and chill lifestyle, and you have beautiful chemistry. Watching your videos has re-ignited a motivation for self care that I had lost sight of… especially in these challenging times. Thank you for being yourselves and sharing that with the world in such a fun and genuine way. It’s inspiring. Much love. Stay well!

  9. Thank you for posting! I really appreciate seeing your videos. I'm so excited, I actually have the ingredients to make those burgers…..that never happens lol. Your rice tofu dish looks like a Dutch Indonesian dish my dad makes, YUM! I have to comment…you two get along so well….I love watching you together ❤ thanks again!

  10. I got back into a good exercising routine. I swam, biked and walked this week. So fortunate that my hubby is able to work from home. We are safe and healthy. A lot to be grateful for.💙 Much love and blessings.

  11. Great video! Wish I saw it yesterday. We made homemade hamburgers. My family is not vegan, so made a tofu steak for my burger. I'll have to try this next time. As for scramble, I'll be making that in the mo3. 😁

  12. We love the both of you and we appreciate your creative food ideas and it is really sad how some people are hit really hard by this virus, I hope you both stay healthy and well.

  13. I love you guys! Thanks for sharing all these great and easy recipes! Where can I buy the porkless rinds you guys were snacking on? Do they sell them in stores or only on their website? TIA!

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