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What We Eat In A Day! BREASTFEEDING Mom of Four *Healthy Meal Ideas* 2021

What we eat in a day! Breastfeeding Mom of Four *Healthy Meal Ideas* 2021 LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more videos like these and RING THE BELL to be …

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  1. you remind me of my mom she raised five kids and we were always well-dressed clothes ironed house was always clean and had homemade foods. I am going crazy just with one lol but she said we were well behaved as kids and my son is wild

  2. Hi…love that Ezzy is trained for the potty..that's awesome. My son is the same age as your son..maybe a few months younger..he's been fully trained on going pee before 3, but we can't quite get him to do #2 in the potty…Any tips?? Mom of 2 boys here. You have 4 and are more experienced!! Help

  3. Hello I'm a french mummy and I love your videos. I would like to know where do you buy the baby hate of your baby? She's so cute with it!!! Thank you

  4. I enjoyed this so much. I've been trying to find for a video like yours that explains the ideas in this YouTube vid. 👏 🥼Your breakdown totally is like the channel from this informative med student Dr Ethan. His tips are helpful and I actually learned a lot for midterms. He is a helpful medical student!

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