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Hey guys! Today’s video is a what we eat in a day. 24 hours of eating with both mom & toddler! Also, cook with me all day long and learn some easy meal ideas …

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  1. A trick when making carmalized onions is to add a pinch of baking soda… Not too much. 🤤. Loving your videos! Me and my little girls are enjoying watching you while we clean and exercise everyday lol. I love your lifestyle and I've been trying to cook more healthy and clean better due to your videos 😊 ♥️

  2. Hayley, can you add a recipe card screenshot at the end of the videos where you share food or in the description box? Ex: what is in the peanut butter drizzle? (Heated up peanut butter?!)

  3. Hayley, my favorite thing about you is how relatable you are! We are all normal mommies just doing the damn thing lol. Sometimes when watching fellow mamas I can get down on myself for not having a huge house or brand new car, etc. It is refreshing to watch someone who didn’t sell her soul when becoming a YouTuber and just lives a down-to-earth life with her baby girl. I feel like if we lived in the same area we would be really good friends 💕 love you girl♥️

  4. Love it when you share meal ideas😍 your videos are the highlight of our day!❤️ where did you get Sydney’s table and chairs? I looked I didn’t see it any the description. I’m sure you have it listed and I just missed it. I’d like to get my toddler something similar!

  5. Awwww her excitement over the smallest things just melts my heart!! I’m so happy I got to see her reaction and it makes me so happy she enjoyed her gift 🤗 I just love these what I eat in a day videos, you always have the yummiest recipes! I got the naan pizza idea from you and LOVE it! 🤤🍕❤️

  6. Sydney is such a great eater! My daughter is a terrible eater and I am always looking for new ideas to give her. Thank you for sharing some yummy ideas that I look forward to trying with her. ❤️

  7. Are you on well water? Maine city water is literally my favorite lolol. Living in Arizona now and I HAAATEEEEE the water here.. even filtered through my fridge! Wish I could run a channel of it from my parents house to mine 🤣

  8. Lol Sydney is so adorable!!! I think y’all are eating very healthy. Especially compared to me…I’ve had cookies almost everyday lol. I finally went to the store yesterday because I couldn’t place an Instacart order either. So fresh produce for salads and smoothies…We’re so excited!!!! 💕❤️💕😘

  9. Did you use chicken broth to cook the chicken on the pan? it looked really juicy . Sometimes when I make it on the stovetop its dry. Everything in this video looked yummy! 🙂

  10. It all looked delicious. Great, healthy recipes. The pizza is one I will try. We love naan. I think I probably have increased from about 2 to 4 glasses of wine per week. Maybe not every week, but more commonly now just because there is a bit more leisure time to drink it at or prior to a meal. Before meals were a bit more rushed and focused. Rarely scarfed or gobbled, but a more constrained time frame in which to complete them than we have now. And some of that may be that homework is all there is. No one is at a schoolhouse. No one is at a job site and so commuting. I think those two factors alone account for much of it because all the rest seems to be quite busy and we have even added getting food and things to others who are in need. All while social-distancing. Now we have the luxury of a slightly slower meal prep process and some extra time during the meal for conversation. A matter of good fortune to us. Even though Sydney's appetite has lessened a bit, she still clearly is quite a little foodie!

  11. I love how Sydney eats! She loves what you make for her. So jelly, my daughter feeds me all her greens 😂 love your videos, keep up the great work 💖

  12. You look like you've lost weight. Your face looks lean. 🙂 Thanks for the meal ideas. I am running out of ideas as my toddler rejects most of the things. Sydney is such a munchkin you're lucky she likes to eat most of the things . Specially broccoli 😳♥️🥰

  13. I’ve noticed you use the naan bread a bit for pizzas. Any tips on how to not have them be soggy? I’ve used them for regular pizzas and they get soo soggy.

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