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What we Eat in a Week| Mom of 6 Cooking from Scratch | HEALTHY MOM MEAL IDEAS

Join me as I cook dinner each night of the week for my family of 8. The raw cheese I get from Azure Standard can be found here: …

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  1. I only love brussel sprouts when i grill them in the oven. I cut them in half, drizzle olive oil and pepper, salt and smoked paprika powder and then put them in the oven and grill them until theyre crispy
    I loooove them like this, could eat them everyday
    Sometimes i also add some parmesan cheese but i actually prefer it without the cheese

  2. BRUSSELS SPROUTS! We cook ours two ways: 1. Cook down in vggie or chicken broth(pan fry with the liquid adding as ths brussels get dry), salt, pepper and favorite seasonings.
    2. Cut in half (with chopped onion if you like)toss with olive oil, salt and pepper. Bake at 425 for 20-25 min.

    Good luck!

  3. Shame on you. A family of 6 and you are not prepared for a food shortage, natural disaster, or some other event that could keep you from running to the store?

  4. What a hero. Where does she get this energy from??? What’s wrong with me. I have 2 girls and I get sad I have so much to do and just lay down and give up. I pray I have this type of energy someday. Someday soon 😔 (sigh) she gained a subscriber, maybe she’ll motivate me.

  5. Whoa! These meals are heart disease on a plate. This is really intense for a family of small children. Please strongly consider transitioning to less meat and less cheese/dairy.

  6. Beautiful video!! We have lots in common 😉 Definitely par boil the Brussels sprouts in salty water, drain well then throw them in the pan to brown and add cooked bacon 😉 I have a recipe on my channel.

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