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What's For Breakfast? | Easy Breakfast Ideas | April 2020

This month’s what’s for breakfast is a collab with my friend Kayla @The Unmodern Millennial She’s going to be sharing some great breakfast ideas with y’all …

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  1. Taylor, here's a little hint. When cutting your biscuits out, don't move the cutter around. When you do that they don't rise like they should. Does that make sense?? lol Just go straight down and then remove. Kind of hard to explain. Take care… Also, if you use a cheese grater to shred your butter it mixes in with the flour so much easier.

  2. Yaaaaas!! You did it again girl. Inspired my culinary side 😁 I made those biscuits and gravy this morning since I already had most of the ingredients. I was looking for a way to use up my ground sausage and this was perfect! Big hit with my toddler too. You're the best. I love your what's for dinner/ breakfast videos. So immensely helpful! ❤

  3. Everything looked amazing as usual! Your kids are so sweet and adorable. I love how they always enjoy what you made. Have they always been great eaters? I have a two and half year old and struggle with mealtimes. He only eats a very small variety of foods.

  4. Take a peep at Ken Click here on YT. I learned to make biscuits from his biscuits for two video. It's a small amount so you don't waste ingredients in case you need to practice till perfect! 😉

  5. Your biscuits look great! That is my families fave meal on weekends, but we do what is called a farmer's breakfast and add our eggs, and sometimes hashbrowns or fried potatoes to the top of the B&G's. I actually grew up on a farm and my grandma taught me that. I definitely want to try that oatmeal! Thank you for the ideas, hope y'all are staying safe and your kiddos are super adorable! 😊 they seem to like your cooking as much as we do! And that is a great thing! Lol little ones can be picky!

  6. Thank you for collabing with me! ☺️ I LOVE biscuits and gravy. I haven't had them in years though! Making biscuits scares me too lol honey is super healthy. Oatmeal is a favorite for little man. I love cinnamon toast and it's so easy!

  7. I have never made home made biscuits before! I love making hime made gravy so now I will definitely have to try making home made biscuits! They turned out great! Thanks for all the recipes! I am not much of a breakfast person but I sure do love biscuits and gravy! Another awesome video! TFS Taylor! ❤

  8. Fancy cinnamon toast! Gonna have 2 try😁 you just gave me the inspiration 2 try making my own biscuits 4 sausage gravy🤗 Holy crap those look frickin fantastic👀💜 TFS stay safe and sane and sanitized👍

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