Breakfast Ideas

What's For Breakfast? | March 2020

The breakfasts I’m sharing this month are egg toast, baked oatmeal, homemade cinnamon rolls, & make-ahead breakfast sandwiches. All recipes and links will …

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  1. New subscriber here!! So glad I found your page. Im a mom of a 3 y.o. and it's exhausting thinking about what's for breakfast and dinner every single day… Especially now with being quarantined. Your ideas are easy and look delicious and work in the real world without having to track down 100 ingredients. Thank you for making these videos!! You're a big inspiration to start cooking more ❤

  2. I wish I liked cooking this much. Lol. Everything looks so good! 😋 I might have to try the PB banana oatmeal bake! My son loves bananas, so I bet he would love it!

  3. Everything looks super yummy. I do the 2 ingredient dough all the time (I’m doing weight watchers) and I find that if I do 3/4 cup yogurt to 1 cup self rising flour that it is SOOO much easier to work with, then just add a little more yogurt if needed.

  4. Omgosh! Those cinnamon rolls looked amazing, thank you for showing the kids enjoying them.And those breakfast sandwiches looked soooo good. Everything looked amazing. Your such a good mother and wife. You rock girl. TFS ♥️🌹

  5. Omg Taylor Everything looks delicious 😋 I don’t care for breakfast but definitely going to try the oatmeal bake and thanks for the marshmallow in brown sugar tip !!

  6. Those cinnamon rolls look amazing. For your egg toasts those remind me of what I grew up on called toad in the hole which is kind of what you did but you butter both sides cut a hole in the middle of the bread and cook the egg in the middle of the hole. You cool until the egg is done. Also called egg in a basket I think.

  7. Oh my goodness Taylor you did it again. These are wonderful ideas. I'm definitely going to be making all of these mostly the oatmeal. It all looks so delicious. Thank you for all you do. I really love and enjoy watching you. Have a great day. Hope y'all continue to stay safe and healthy.

  8. Girl I’ve got like two gallon size freezer bags of bananas lol 😂 I’ll definitely be trying out that oatmeal lord I love me some oatmeal bahahaha 🤣🤣 I’m still watching on the big tv love you bunches 💕💕💕

  9. I love cinnamon rolls. I can never get enough of them lol. How did you slice home made bread so thin? Like I saw it happen but I'd probably veer my knife off into the middle 😂It looks so good! I like runny eggs 😋
    I am definitely like "oh crap banana bread!" Otherwise they go to waste. I've tried to freeze them whole before but I always had a hard time peeling the frozen bananas. Oatmeal cookies for breakfast 😍
    I LOVE sweet breakfasts. What a yummy thing to wake up to. Cinnamon rolls are among my all time favorite foods.❤️

  10. Your homemade bread looks perfect. Can you do a video on it? Or if you have one let me know here and link it in this video. I need to make homemade bread besides the artisan dutch oven bread I need a loaf. Loving your channel 👋😊💕🙏

  11. I’ve never attempted homemade cinnamon rolls before but those looked GOOD! I love breakfast food. We are actually planning on having breakfast for supper tonight. I have never heard of the marshmallow trick for the brown sugar. I will definitely have to try that!

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