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HEY YALL! Welcome back to another week of easy dinner ideas. If you are new I’d love to have you subscribe and join my youtube family. I want to know what is …

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  1. I will definetly being trying that Alfredo sauce recipe! I can’t find any Alfredo in a jar at my Walmart! Have you used grated Parmesan with it? How does it reheat? Sending love from Missouri 💌📫

  2. I am So glad I found your channel. I love that you keep it simple And it's good at the same time. Blessings to you and your family, stay healthy.

  3. I haven't had much time to watch YouTube with all this craziness going on. I made some time tonight to watch my favorite youtubers. I absolutely love your WFD videos. You have the best cooking videos. I want to make those quesadillas. They looked amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh my gosh! I really want to make chicken alfredo but I can't find any *@!$ chicken anywhere 😭😭😭
    Can I come eat at your house?!?! 😂😂😂
    Awesome video as always girl, love ya!!

  5. I like homemade alfredo sauce but for some reason my kids dont. Maybe I will try it again and see if they still feel that way. My husband's biological dad used to live in your town

  6. That can opener when making the chicken and dumplins went to work all on its own!!!! I’ve never seen a can opener like that!!!😂 I love it!

  7. I made your queso the other nite & it was so good. I did mine over Spanish rice. That Alfredo looked delicious, I’ve never made homemade before.

  8. I usually watch you on TV so I don't get to comment but I have loved seeing your channel grow over time! You've grown so much and I can see you're in such a better place than a few months back! I've watched you for maybe 8 months. I started my channel up in August and started watching this kind of content a couple months prior to that. You're inspiring and you give me hope for the future of my own channel. I enjoy that you keep it realistic on your channel, you are incredibly relatable and I love that! Keep being you and DOING you and cannot wait to see where you are in a year from now!

  9. I am a frequent maker of quesadillas ! Those looked delicious. If you ever want a little extra mmphh to yours take some butter( I use Smart Butter ) spread thin layer on the raw tortilla and lightly LIGHTLY sprinkle with some garlic powder/salt. It completely takes it to a new level. I’ve even made them for my kids with just cheese and let them dip in pizza sauce. So yummy !

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