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HEY YALL! I hope you enjoyed today’s Whats For Dinner?! This has to be one of my favorite weeks of meals! So easy and yet still yummy! Tell me below what …

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  1. missy, thank you for your wonderful tutorials. i LOVE everything i've seen of yours and i just wanted to say thank you for sharing. my kids are grown now so i don't do after school snacks for them but ya better believe i need them!! i'm a school teacher and would love to see an after school snack video. your doing a wonderful job and you seem just as sweet as can be….please keep them coming, stay well!!

  2. I am totally putting in cheddar broccoli soup in my chicken and noodles next time. 🤤 thank you for the pizza cutter tip! And I am totally happy to hear you say that you are dating someone! That's awesome, be happy girl! 💜

  3. Cannot wait to try these. Thank you for helping us tired working mamas! I made your meatball subs last week and my family went absolutely crazy for them. Made BLTs last night and tried mustard for the first time on them…yes please. 😁

  4. I saw the pasta bake on Pinterest and thought it may be bland but now that you have tried it I am so trying this!! It's soooo easy!! So glad you are back 🤗🤗

  5. Instead of using butter for grilled cheese, try mayo. It does so much better and tastes just ad good if not better. It toasts the bread better and not soggy at all!💙💛💙💛

  6. I think I’m definitely trying the “hamburger helper “ like recipe because those are things I normally have on hand. I don’t normally have the shells pasta but I do right now, and like you, I always have cheese! Never thought of putting broccoli cheese soup in chicken noodle soup. May have to give it a try.

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