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WHAT’S FOR DINNER 2020 | EASY DINNER RECIPE + NEW PAINTING PROJECT In todays #whatsfordinner video we are going to grill porkchops and make …

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  1. Food looked delicious. The little house turned out really cute. Flowers look nice and you could always change it. Your son is adorable. Thanks for sharing

  2. The house looks good! If you could somehow distress the frame around the windows a little bit I think that would be the prefect touch! I love the floral inside it

  3. I think the house looks cute, but I agree with you that the florals look kinda odd. I’d find some old rusty tin metal from an old barn roof and maybe make a roof out of that?! Then maybe toss some greenery around the bottom (thinking that wispy garland from Hobby Lobby). Might be a good way to hide that chip on the bottom?

  4. Maybe add some small birds peeking out the windows and eggs or nests. Your dinner looked delicious. I love twice baked potatoes.🐣

  5. Floral is super cute!! On the windows could you put white or yellow paper in them so they dont look like dark holes. You could add toothpicks as dividers for the them too to add dimension. Or you could put some sort of light in there to brighten it up. Def keep the flowers!! Great video! Big hugs!

  6. I thought the house was gonna be ugly by your face, but it is so freaking cute!! Omg I love it. I would say maybe ditress a little with the black paint to make it more farmhouse? And the florals are adorable for spring then you could do a roof for the rest of the year and decorate for other holidays❤️❤️❤️❤️

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