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WHAT’S FOR DINNER 2021 | COOK WITH ME | EASY WEEKNIGHT MEALS | LIVING IN THE MOM LANE Welcome back to a new What’s For Dinner? Cook With …

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  1. Tip for the grease. Tear off A piece of aluminum foil. Laying flat in the sink put Over the drain hole and make an indent to hold the grease. Pour out your grease and when it cools throw all away and never touch and nothing to wash. 👵🏻👍❤️

    OMG those double stacker tacos look wonderful, delicious and scrumptious. 🤗🤗

  2. Mandy, on Jan. 17, I enjoyed my cooked brunch. I used my "16-ounce" OXO squeeze bottle to squeeze Mrs. Butterworth's pancake syrup on my 4 pancakes that I ate. I ate 5 bacon strips and drank some orange juice.

  3. Mandy, I love to fix myself some barbecue sandwiches that I love to eat. I love the Brookwood pulled, barbecue pork that comes in the round tubs. I love to use my "16-ounce" OXO squeeze bottle to squeeze Kraft sweet honey barbecue sauce on my pulled, homemade pork. I love honey barbecue ribs from Applebee's.

  4. Taco Bell doesn’t have Mexican pizzas anymore 🤦🏼‍♀️ how bad is it that I am really really sad. That was my fave thing on the menu. Period

  5. That taco salad you made along with the mexican pizzas looked really good!! The hamburger maker looks like a handy gadget, I'm going to have to try & find one. Awesome video!!

  6. Everything looks delicious love the hamburger shaper need to get one! The ghee looks like it makes a nice tasty tortilla how do you like it, never tried it but I'm intrigued! Thx

  7. Hi Mandy!! Yumm that honey garlic chicken looked delicious along with everything else. I bet that chicken would be delicious on a salad too. I'm definitely going to add a few of these meals to my meal plan. Hope y'all have a great evening/ day. Stay safe. God bless.

  8. How are those shrimp? I’ve been so tempted to try them, but I’m kind of a shrimp snob(I live on the Gulf coast) ….I guess it’s all in the way you season them?

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