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WHAT’S FOR DINNER 2021 | EASY WEEKNIGHT MEALS | LOW CARB DINNERS #whatsfordinner2021 #lowcarbmeals #easyweeknightmeals Time Stamps: …

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  1. Hey Friends! Today's video is another What's for Dinner 2021 video where I'm sharing some easy weeknight meals! Today's video is also a part of a HUGE cookbook collab where some amazing ladies are sharing recipes from their favorite cookbooks. The playlist is in the description box. Thank you so much for watching! xoxo, Brittany

  2. I love the GHughes sauces 🙂

    Omg the Cajun sausage and “rice” might be my favorite recipe. Yum! Great collabing with you, new friend here and can’t wait for next time

  3. Hey! I love that book! I was Keto for years! I sill love eating keto foods! Your foods look absolutely delicious! I know I'm gonna love watching your videos!😍 so happy to collab with you🥰

  4. I have put tomato soup in my blender before and it was an absolute disaster. I had tomato’s everywhere. I wish I had that on video. 😆🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Great recipes.

  5. The shrimp looked so good. I didn’t grow up frying food. Do you throw the oil away when done, or do you use it again? Just wondering. 🙂 ~Karen

  6. hey hey!! yummy stuff as usual! especially that chicken and soup i might try those next week miss your vlogs and motivational mondays tho jus sayin 🙂

  7. I’m so happy you are doing keto recipes I have been on keto for a month or so and it’s so hard to find recipes especially to find some in a cookbook when I have no keto cookbooks.. It was a fun collab and I am a new subscriber of yours!

  8. Those green beans looked so well done! I love buttery smooth tomato soup too and I only have a blender. Definitely worth doing to it have chunks. I am in shock over your cheese bread. What?! I love the presentation too. The Cajun rice looked amazing! I love all the seasoning 😋

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