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Chick Fil A Chicken Sandwich – 1 ½ cups flour 1 ½ tbsp powdered sugar 1 ½ tsp salt 1 tsp pepper Marinate chicken in pickle juice for 30 minutes prior to cooking.

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  1. Happy belated Birthday!! I hope you had an awesome day. Also, McDonald's uses dehydrated onions. That's the reason they are so strong. (They soak them in water before adding them to their sandwiches) 🎉🎈🎂

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful! 🎂🎈🎉 sorry I'm late. Hope your Day was special Kelly. Everything looked Delicious. I'll definitely be trying all the recipes. I've never been to chick fila. We don't have one close. But it looks tasty. Thanks for sharing. Love your Indiana Friend. Xoxo

  3. I loved these ideas! I have made Big Mac before but I used Thousand island dressing on mine. They were just like McDonalds! BTW- Happy Birthday! 🎂

  4. Happy birthday!! Nope, nope, I don't see the mayo. Love a Big Mac occasionally, hate mayo based mostly on sight/smell. I live in denial that there's mayo on there🤣🤣

  5. I just had to pause and collect myself after watching you bread chicken with just water. I've only ever seen food breaded with eggs and milk so I was confused for a moment. 😅

  6. Hi Kelly – Happy Birthday! I love your videos – especially the honest sit down talks – thanks for sharing! I love your nails in this video! What color polish are you wearing?

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