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What's For Dinner – 8 Easy & Budget Friendly Meal Ideas

I did a lot of fun collabs with other channels this week and got backed up on my regular videos. Today’s video is a mix of the dinners we had over the last two …

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  1. I've just found your channel and subscribed watched your QnA what a lovely couple your hubby should speak more what a lovely deep voice your he has both your natures natures suit each other I always think if you keep your windows nice like curtains and blinds straight it makes all the rooms in your house look neat as you have a bigger house now you should try and keep it minimalistic so much easier to clean the more you have the more you clean less is more just a wee bit of advice from a Scottish house proud lassie you're also a good mother and a good cook wishing you health and happiness in your new home

  2. I've never seen anyone use regular sugar in their homemade sloppy Joe's I've only seen everyone use brown sugar…I mean ig sugar is sugar when it comes down to it right?? Lol I wouldnt know bc our entire family now only does the burger with baby Ray's bbq sauce and a lil of another bbq sauce if u wish and that is what we call our "sloppy joes" it is absolutely delish ever since my cousin made his sloppy Joe's like that w the bbq sauce and brought em to the family reunion it was a wrap the whole family never went bk to any other way of making them

  3. Everything looked yummy! I have a package of that 15 bean soup that I need to fix soon. We love turkey! I fixed one the week before thanksgiving, one on thanksgiving, one right after thanksgiving and I have one thawing in the fridge now. 😂 we just do the turkey breast though since most of us prefer the white meat.

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the air fryer.. I’ve been considering getting one but just wasn’t sure what to expect…(the green beans looked really good) it all looks good!!!

  5. I love that red crockpot! They didn't have red when I got mine but that was right when they first made them. Girl, where were you when I made that disaster of the taquito things I made. If I had that one little tip about the paper towel they would have been better lol. I will have to remember that for next time. Yours look so good! That pot pie looks professional. Everything looked so yummy. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi, Paislie. I don't know which one I liked better. They all look so delicious. I prefer French toast over pancakes. But no matter if it's French toast or pancakes, it has to be just swimming in maple syrup. I know, I know, that's awful and I shouldn't even admit to that, but it is what it is. I have never in my life made homemade waffles. My husband likes Eggos. Have a great weekend, dear one.

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