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This week I’ve got some super budget-friendly, affordable family dinners for you! The first two are PERFECT for family comfort food and definitely kid-friendly.

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  1. I am sooo happy you all enjoyed it!! I also serve Mexican Rice with this dish! Thank you so much for choosing my recipe to share. I do appreciate the positive feedback. Y'all are my most favorite YouTube family of all. ❤❤ Grandson #5 is here and I thank you for your sweet prayers!! ❤

  2. I love watching your channel. And also seeing your beautiful family. You are all so cute. Your recipes are so delicious. Steven is such a kick. I can’t figure out why he doesn’t weigh a ton. Keep up the good work. Marie from Washington state.

  3. We made the Sloppy Joe Casserole and omg it was so good! We think it would also be good with a diced green bell pepper and maybe some diced carrots so I'll try that next time but wow! Thanks for sharing it with us! <3

  4. I am new to cooking, its been 2 weeks & so far I have made
    Fiesta Lime Chicken
    Butter & lemon chicken with spinich orzo
    Sloppy Joe Cassarole
    Autumn Delight
    BBQ chips Tenders & Honey Mustard

    Each dinner has been a BIG HIT. Before I found this channel, I would search the internet for recipes, gather the ingredients & put in the work only to be disappointed. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  5. I'm a new sub, loving your content!! Jessica O'Donohue mentioned your channel 😉. What is the cheese grater you use? I'm sure you've mentioned or even linked it before but I haven't come across it yet. I'm seeing them on Amazon but I'd love to know if you recommend the one you have. TIA 💞

  6. Hey Mandy, new subbie here! Just thought I would give you a shout out and let you know that I love your channel. We made the Sloppy Joe Casserole and I think your son was correct when he said "this can't be legal". It was SO yummy and easy to make. I'm all about the simple recipes.

  7. I love your youtube channel am a subscriber for life,I have made alot of the dishes you have made and they turned out great my family loves them.I watch your channel with my Mother-InLaw,and we take turns on who cooks what,this week,I am cooking the sloppy joe casserole keep up the great work God Bless you and your Beautiful Family.

  8. If you like Hamburger Helper try the Cheesy Enchilada. It has rice instead of noodles. We make the cheese sauce, then top our portions with Mexican blend cheese and the cheese sauce too. I am definitely trying that fiesta lime chicken and the brussels sprouts. We are not manwich fans. There is a seasoning in it that we do not like. So the other one, although it looks good I think we will skip unless I try using the homemade sauce that I make for sloppy Joe's and try it that way. I use a blend of catsup, the dub sauce, brown sugar and hot sauce to make our sauce, plus Auntie No Nos seasoning.

  9. Wanted to tell you, since Steven likes spicy, you can buy spicy tomato sauce in the Mexican section at walmart, but half it with regular because it's spicy, but so good.

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