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What's For Dinner? Apr 12, 2020 | Cooking for Two | Pantry Meals | 4 New Recipes!!!

Hey Y’all! Hope everyone is safe and sheltering at home (and cooking from your pantry!) We’ve got some easy dinner ideas for you in our latest “What’s For …

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  1. We've been heavily indulging in the comfort food around here too. I had been doing so well, cooking healthier dinners and not having sweets in the house, and then this! And we're even eating leftovers a couple times a week. We never do that. Tim prefers leftovers to take to work for lunch, but since he's working from home for now, we have too much left to not eat it again. And every night now requires some sort of freshly baked goods or packaged cookies. It's insanity. LOL I guess it's just a coping mechanism, for me at least. I've been using a grocery delivery service to limit my outings and exposure since I've been caring for my mom recently. She fell twice, and had to be hospitalized for a few days on the 2nd fall. She's doing a lo better now. First time was an overnight ER visit. That was interesting! No visitors allowed, so everyone who was there with a loved one could only stand around outside the ER entrance and wait for the security guard to relay updates. It seemed surreal. These are definitely strange times, but we'll all get through. God promised he would never leave us and our faith is definitely what's getting us through much of this. Glad to see you and Tim are doing well. Stay safe! Kim

  2. Hi Stacy, I can never get over how creative you are with your cooking. We have the same old things all the time and I always say I’m going to make something you have made and then I space it when I make my grocery list lol I need to just start a list as I’m watching your videos so I don’t forget 😂 mmmmm your salad looked delicious!!! I had a bread maker a long long time ago and I think I used it one time and then got rid of it. I wish I still had it. Kenadie has been making mug cakes lately. She found a really good recipe but it’s for a yellow cake. I would prefer chocolate, like you lol Thank you for all the work you do to put out your videos. I love them all 💕 Keep taking care of yourself and Tim! Oh! And I hope those tornadoes weren’t near you. I thought of you right away when I heard about them!

  3. Hi Stacy! Your meals looked yummy as always! The Hawaiian BBQ chicken looked delicious!!! I was fortunate enough to find some fresh produce last week and made a big salad – it was so refreshing! The chicken crescents looked so good too. Carbs have been in just about every one of my meals – LOL! Something about it is just so comforting! Thank you for sharing and I hope you and Tim had a wonderful & blessed Easter! 🤗💕

  4. Stacy, you had a most excellent comfort food week! Tim, your little background sounds were a hoot. Loved your sweet chili chicken thighs, going to have to try that with the italian dressing. Going to have to try most of what you made, although, like Tim, I am not a fan of nutella (not fond of hazelnut) but there are a kazillion mug cake recipes out there. I recall when Tim jumped off your oatmeal for breakfast train, but you can make fun mug cakes with oatmeal that he might enjoy.

  5. Great looking salad Stacy! The buns you made looked delicious and so did the fillings! What is wrong with nutella Tim? It's so delicious! My Japanese daughter-in-law taught me how to make gyoza or pot stickers! Tonight I'm making yakatori the Japanese version of kebabs for dinner! Take care and stay safe from Sally and the fur crew!😊💗💗

  6. I think we're all doing a lot of "comfort" meals because that's what we have in the pantry. We're digging in to those supplies we put back for 'when'. Guess now it's 'when'. Your hamburger rolls came out very nicely. Your salad looks great. Speaking of which, I'm in the mood for a pasta salad. Stacy, if you HAD to choose, which would it be for you: the air fryer or the insta pot? P.S. all the food looks yummy! (:

  7. Happy Easter to you and Tim! We haven't been able to find yeast here for several weeks; I'm hoping things calm down soon. The parish we live in (about 15 miles up river from New Orleans) is getting hit really hard right now. We are staying home and I only go out to bring groceries and medication to my mom. I can't wait for this to be over.

  8. Yum. I saw several things that I want to try. Happy Easter. We decided instead of buying a ham for a usual Easter Dinner to use what we had on hand. I had a couple pieces of Prime Rib that I bought the day after Xmas on managers special for $2.99 a lb. I was gonna cook one of those. Mark said to save it for when the kids can come over so we are having meatloaf, mashed potatoes, squash casserole and green beans. Hayley and Justin both are still working so they are just coming to the door to ensure that they do not bring me any germs so she did come pick up dinner to take home and eat it. It was beautiful yesterday so they did come over and we were far apart in the yard. I got a lilac bush, crape myrtle bush and 4 rose bushes for Easter and they helped plant those. So at least I got to see them. We are all still doing good. Hope that you both had a nice day.

  9. I guess I should have kept my rice cooker but didn't! I've seen your recipe before for those buns but haven't tried them, guess this would be a good time to try since I'm home. Not sure I have bread flour though. Yours look good, and yummy turkey burgers! Did Tim like the Hawaiian bbq chicken sandwiches? I made them before you and I liked them but think I liked them more than Don. Did you get crescent rolls when shopping this week? I have some and could do those, what size can of chicken did you use? I don't have croutons though. Happy Easter!

  10. My wife and I loved the chicken crescent. It's something I've been making almost since we got married. I've been eating them since I was a little boy. The only thing is I don't add the croutons or the breadcrumbs. A lot of times I don't even brush them in butter.

  11. Hi Stacy!!! Happy Easter to you and Tim!!! What a joyous day. Even with staying home. He is risen!! Sunshine and beautiful weather are the cherry on top too. That was SOOO much fun “talking” to you and Tim on Thursday. I had no idea it was an hour long live stream until you ended it. That’s how you know you were having fun!! An hour in a blink of an eye. Did you let the bread actually rise before putting it into the bread maker? I have absolutely no idea how to make bread or make it myself just asking from seeing people make bread on YT LOL! I ordered my things from thrive and my total was brought down $20 from credit and tried to find disenfecting wipes they didn’t have them either! 😩😂 Will keep trying store number 6&7 later this week. Fingers tightly crossed. You have to try barbecue or for Tim hot sauce on the cauliflower after you bread them and put them in the air fryer sooo tasty! Or even teriyaki sauce. I hope Tim’s dad had a great birthday yesterday. Also to restock your pantry and freezer you HAVE to try Amy’s kitchen food products. They are so tasty and have a big variety of flavors. My absolute favorite is the pad thai and chili she makes. I hope your store has some and you can try a product or two. 💜💜💜❤️❤️

  12. Hope you are having a wonderful Easter. Just sitting here all by myself…me and Jesus! Will be so glad when this comes to an end…not used to not having what I want or need…spoiled Americans! LOL I can't find sugar, flour, eggs, yeast…and all paper products. I noticed Walmart is having a few more items than a couple of weeks ago. Stay healthy…talk to you soon. xoxo

  13. He is Risen! He is Risen indeed!! Happy Resurrection Day!
    Wanted to let you know they make crescent roll sheets that do not have the perforations for those chicken things you made. I buy the sheets now more than the crescent rolls. I made mini cinnamon rolls with the sheet. So delicious.
    Blessings. 🙏❤

  14. Even the greens on the sandwich were calling to me. So yummy looking. It's awesome you don't have to miss out on those small servings of brownie and ice cream restaurants serve. I also like your crouton buster tool. So nice. Happy Passover and Blessed Ressurrection Day, Stacy and Tim!

  15. Hi Stacy and Tim! Hope you’re having a happy Easter! Your meals look yummy, as always. Potstickers are one of my favorites. I usually make a dipping sauce with that sweet chili sauce, but I never thought of using it to glaze chicken. Great idea! We had homemade burgers and waffle fries this weekend too, and they were so good! I miss salads, but I was able to get a red cabbage which I enjoy as homemade slaw (and yes, I’m the only one eating that!) Keith has switched to pita pockets with chicken for his lunches which he likes just fine. The word of the day is comfort food, right?! We’ve had a cold front passing through today, so grilled cheese with tomato soup sounds perfect!

  16. Every time I see you use your fryer I think I should get my husband one.. our anniversary is in May and his bday is in June..hmm.. maybe that's what I'll get him!

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