What's For Dinner? Apr 5, 2020 | Cooking for Two | Pantry Meals | Pizza Pasta Salad | Baked Oatmeal

Hey Y’all! We are staying safe at home and cooking from our pantry, fridge and freezer. In addition to more pantry meal ideas in this video, we are also sharing a …

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  1. The cheeseburger wraps remind me of 2 things, one, there is a quesadilla burger at Applebee's that my dad and I adored. It was so.yummy and so big that sometimes we'd split it (sometimes 😜), and the 2nd is that I have seen recipes that make it like a big mac wrap or burrito. Which I found interesting. You make the big mac sauce, shredded lettuce, onions, cheese, beef etc.. thank you for that awesome reminder with my dad and also, a good recipe idea!

  2. I just got a delivery on Sunday!! I really stocked up on both pantry and meats, I’m hoping I’m good for about 3 weeks other than milk, fruit and veggies! Everything looked super delicious

  3. This might have been the video where you said something about being about out of lettuce and you may be doing canned stuff and canned fruit. I laughed a little to myself when I heard you say it (if it was this video) because it reminded me of Dodie and how she called canned fruit on a piece of lettuce "salad"! Wonder if that's how they started doing it?! Being raised in a different time and with not much fresh stuff easily available or time of year?! But whichever video I heard it on recently and couldn't get my comments to work, it reminded me of her and using canned fruit for salad 🙂

  4. When ever I can get out again I should look for a pan the size of that one you used to boil the pasta in. The loaded potatoes look really good! I can be all about some carbs! Your griddler looks WAY shinier and more silvery than mine, and your grates look better than mine too! I can bring mine down for you to work on 🙂 I made cheeseburger wraps recently too, we love them. And aren't you glad I found that steel cut oats recipe for the west bend years ago! It's so easy to do and keep for the week, I did some yesterday. I made your baked oatmeal recipe a couple weeks ago too, yours looks better and prettier than mine. I "think" I may end up sometimes adding more liquid because it doesn't look wet enough or something to me so mine doesn't come out pretty where it can be cut like yours, I may need to stick to the exact amount of liquid

  5. LOGS! 😋 Fish dinner looked so good. Brain fart or not I’ll watch you all the time! We use our pizza stone all the time! Pizza needs all the meat and all the veggies! I’m late to viewing your video. Between kids school online, speech therapy online and my school online it’s been busy! I hope you and Tim are staying healthy at home! The oatmeal looked delicious. Happy Easter Stacy! ❤️

  6. Hey! New to your channel! I just made pasta salad this week as a side for dinner! Great video 💕 I love the idea of a cheeseburger wraps!!!!8 definitely think I want to try that! Yummm!!! I love grilling burritos! We will be doing pizzas this week with a movie. I always put my pizza on a cookie sheet to! 😊 hope you can support back 💕

  7. Do a grocery pickup instead of going in if you can! Frozen veggies are decent too and are a nice variance between canned. Also frozen fruit can be nice for smoothies/oatmeal/baking! You can also stock up on a lot of fresh produce and prepare and freeze it to use later if you are worried about quality.

  8. I always cook my frozen pizzas on a pizza stone or a cookie sheet! The crust gets to crispy for the kiddos if I cook it directly on the oven rack and it drips and smokes up the kitchen! I don't know why they recommend it to be cooked directly on the rack, doesn't make any sense to me!

  9. Angel girl. I've got a 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter cookie recipe. 1 c. Sugar. 1c. Sugar. 1,Egg Bake 375 about 10_15 minutes. Depends on the oven. God bless you and your family. Have a great day

  10. Hey Stacy. Everything looked great. I can’t wait to try that the baked oatmeal. I have some extra oatmeal in the pantry right now. After yet another hot flash while cooking something in my oven we finally ordered an air fryer. Lol. It should arrive this week. I’m looking forward to using it and to looking back at some of your air fryer meals. Hope you’re both healthy. Take care. 😊

  11. Stacy as always I loved your video. You’ve always got lots of great recipes and your presentation is amazing. I wanted to invite you and Tim to join in a worldwide fast and prayers on Good Friday. Our church leader has invited us to fast and pray for all those who are affected by Covid 19, whether it be health care workers, those who are sick or those who are mourning the lost of loved ones. I don’t know if fasting is part of your beliefs but it is in our church, as in the time of the Old and New Testament. I hope you have a truly wonderful and blessed Easter weekend.

  12. I think you did well with the meals this week. Everyone is getting creative…lol. I'm blessed as I have farm friends that will drop off boxes of fruit and veggies to me or I have a farmer's co-op down the road. So, I actually have TOO MUCH fresh stuff currently (some I'm am freezing but now that's getting full!). Made some naan pizzas with a big salad on the side for tonight. Hang in there. ❤ 😁

    Baked oatmeal looks YUM! 😘

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