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What's For Dinner? April 11, 2021 | Cooking for Two | Easy & Delicious Meals

Hey Y’all! We are back with some really easy & delicious weeknight meals for you, and we show you how we make each one. We also have an overdue update …

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  1. Hi Tim and Stacy! Oh my gosh…..that song the gospel singers sang, “Have a Little Walk With Jesus,” totally took me back to being a little kid. My dad maybe played a record of that song all the time. For some reason The Statler Brothers comes to mind. Were they a “famous” gospel group? I’ll have to loom it up lol I think maybe they came to our church in Kansas once. Or maybe I’m thinking of completely the wrong group lol Anyway, I had forgot about that song so I enjoyed hearing that clip. So nice that you got to have takeout for dinner!! Yay!! Yes, the no cooking AND the no cleanup is always a nice break! You deserve it Stacy! ❤️

  2. Try onion soup mix in your meatloaf as well. It is delicious. She is making me so hungry and it's going on midnight here. Lol I guess I am gonna have to drag myself away!

  3. My husband and son always want me to make asparagus in the oven. I do olive oil salt and pepper and a LOT of garlic. Then I thin slice onions all over it. Roast for 10 min then put a few bacon bits on it and roast 10 more minutes.

  4. We only do instant potatoes for the last several yrs now also. I only make real mashed potatoes, maybe once a yr if even that! My people love the instant! I got a marinated pork loin that you cooked in the bag it came in. It was so, cut like butter tender & delicious! I’ve not been able to find one since! It was so good! And I don’t even care for much meat! Ugh!

  5. I watched this video at 6:30 in the morning & am craving the crescent roll bundles. I have been buying the Hormel pork tenderloin for years but I am now having difficulty finding it the past few weeks at our grocery stores. We only have 2 grocery stores in our town, Walmart & Safeway.

  6. This is not to be rude or sound stupid.. but when you cut into the pork it looked like it wasnt all the way cooked. Then when it was plated it looked all the way cooked but lookrd like white meat and dark meat in the same cut. If that make sense. Ive never seen a pork tenderloin look like that… am i crazy?

  7. The cranberry sauce reminded of a recipe Mandy in the making made recently …it was a jar of cranberry sauce, a bottle of French dressing, and a packet of onion soup mix. You mix that all together and pour it over chicken thighs then bake. I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds good! It might be one Tim would be afraid to try😂

  8. Good morning Stacy and Tim. Really enjoyed the video loved the roasted vegetables, when I have more greens than I can eat before they go bad I grill on the stove cut into wedges olive oil, garlic powder salt and pepper to taste mix put in pan and cook until lightly browned soooooo yummy. Momma always cut up leftover lettuce and add to chicken broth and carrots and celery and a little bit of onion add any leftover chicken and small pasta and soup was done delicious and some crusty bread, with 8 children that was dinner alot, I still use leftovers lettuce that way .Hope all is well have a safe and healthy day prayers for you
    and Tim always. ❤🙏🥰❤🙏🥰❤🙏

  9. Great deal on the pork. I'm sure it was very flavorful after marinating in the package. The salads were beautiful . Easter was very " low key" here also. KFC for lunch and Lobster House for supper. I know you don't like oysters however, we were thrilled to find fresh oysters. We had craved them for months. 🦪🥰

  10. No those don't look like roma's, but nice tomatoes,nice roasted veggies,yum bacon double cheeseburger grilled fish nice,slaw dinner looks yummy,yum lots great food ,there, nice singing ,nice easter dinner,I love deviled eggs,yum asperagus,great meals have a awesome week 🏵️🙏

  11. I fix my little tenderloins in a skillet on the stove, they usually only take about 20 mins. I am still leary of cooking meat in my air fryer lol, I do tons of veggies and other stuff but apprehensive about the meats lol. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Stacy!! I hope you and Tim had a restful sabbath today! I’m curious how you clean the air fryer? If you put in raw meat in the basket where do the juices go? Evaporate? 😂 I don’t cook meat ever for myself. Does Tim love pickles? I thought he did those are cucumbers LOL! Do you like red pasta sauce? Or ketchup? Even though you don’t like tomatoes? 🙂 Thanks for answering my many questions! That community day looks so nice!! Oh my goodness chills when that woman started singing!!😍😍✨ loved the video! Have a great week sweet friend! 💛☀️

  13. Hi Stacy ummmmm well im not sure about this misfit market box the veggies did not look to good but you did some kitchen Magic and after cutting n roasting them it looked alot better Your Easter dinner for the two of uses really looked good i had Turkey for Easter instead of ham because of my husband just wanting chicken Turkey or fish anymore and after two day it went bad It was very weird I always had left over Turkey for days for like Thanksgiving and it just went bad never had that happen ok well anyway thank you for a another great cooking video god bless 🙏

  14. Stacy you have such a good balance when it comes to food! Always a great variety. Everything looked great.💞🎉.

  15. Your Easter dinner looked great! We had a crawfish boil! Everyone is all vaccinated so we were able to get to get together! Christie and I only had 1 shot so we kept our distance but it was great to celebrate with our family!

  16. Hi Stacy! I loved seeing your meals this week and how creative you got with the veggies. I was so happy to see you were able to attend that event that got cancelled last year. Things are really looking like they are getting back to normal. I’m hoping numbers here in Michigan start to go down. Your Easter dinner looked super yummy! Hope you have a great week!

  17. So glad that you got to enjoy Easter. I was able to go to Moms for a big Easter Pot Luck. We rented out the Cafeteria of the Old School at her Senior Apartments again for Easter like we did at Xmas so that we could spread out and still get together. The only two not there were Mark who was asleep as he works on Sundays evenings so he was asleep and my brother who was exposed to Covid a few days before. Luckily he has not gotten sick but wanted to ensure that he did not make anyone sick. Out of 22 people in my family with mom, my siblings and out immediate families only 6 of us have had Covid. None of the ones who have gotten it were very sick so we have been very blessed. All of us have gotten at least our 1st Covid Shots, and most have gotten our 2nd. Mark and I had our 2nd this past Friday. I ran a fever yesterday and am having some joint pain in my right knee but nothing horrible. Hayley gets her 2nd shot on Tuesday. I am so glad that you shared your storage containers. We also get a Misfits Market Box but we get the larger box because we share with the kids. In fact I just ordered our box. It will be delivered next Saturday. I love getting ours. In a year of delivery every 2 weeks we have only gotten 2 bad items. We got some over ripe pears in a box once and a box of Strawberries that were over ripe and starting to Mold. Everything else has arrived in good shape and delicious. I seldom buy any additional produce other than our box except when I need something for a recipe or if Kroger has something on sale. I can usually get berries and asparagus cheaper from Kroger when they have a sale but they are not organic. I also occasionally will buy potatoes if I want to make potato salad or if I make dinner for all 4 of us. I often will double a recipe of things like pot roast, or beef stew and share with the kids. Or if I bake a half of a ham and we have that for Saturday Dinner. If we have family dinner it's on Saturdays when Mark is home and we can all be there to enjoy it. We are all doing well. Hope you and Tim are too. It should be golf season for Tim soon if it is not yet. Your dinners looked delicious. I fixed a 2lb packaged of Carne Asada Beef with sauted peppers and onions last night. We ate Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches last night and made steak burritos out of it today. I have enough left to make some steak burritos for the freezer. I plan to cook some bbq ribs and a meatloaf with mashed potatoes this week. I have some collard greens and fresh brussel sprouts too.

  18. Great episode! We are absolutely loving our new Rubbermaid containers (in fact, I was filling them with washed lettuce before we put on this episode) for the same reasons as you- no waste and it keeps our produce fresh the whole week. Thank you again SO much for referring them to us. 🙂 my fiancé and I may have geeked out a bit with the shoutout we were in no way expecting ;). We enjoy broccoli in the air fryer as well super crispy. We will be trying out the pesto ranch thighs next week (we’ve already got our meal plan for this week)!! Keep up the great work 🧡💗❤️

  19. Hi, Stacy. Ah…the infamous misfits box…lol. I give you big thumbs up for plowing through the contents. I love veggies so your sauteed beans and zucchini and salads looked delicious. But, I am especially fond of fish, and would have gotten excited about that fillet, too. Thank you for sharing all the goodies. It was fun to watch. (:

  20. Delicious looking meals as always Stacy! I always love all your fancy salads. Those tomatoes are what we call truss tomatoes because they come on the stem. The pork fillet looked yummy. I'm not a fan of instant potato I'd much rather make my own. Maybe Tim got used to it in Korea? We've got leftover corned meat with homemade mash and white sauce tonight! Happy day to you both from Sally and the fur crew! 😊💗💗

  21. Hello My Sweet Friend!
    Watching you and Tim on Sundays just makes me giggle and smile. You guys are cute together.
    I am not the biggest meat eater but that jalapeno cheeseburger looked amazing. I would have got the red fish like you chose but it made me drool just a bit. I like spicy.
    What a great community day. Looked like you had a great time.
    Loved your Easter dinner for two as well. I make my deviled eggs simple like you do. They are delicious that way.
    I love almost any vegetable roasted. I dont think I have roasted yellow bell peppers before but I have roasted green, red, and orange ones. I have even roasted tomatoes. Delicious.
    I think you did a great job using up your misfits vegetables. You also did a great job filming with one hand. I doubt i could do that. Lol.
    Hope you have a wonderful and blessed week.

  22. I also was surprised your misfit box came with 2 potatoes… But what a great way to fit them into your meal with the roasted vegetables. Everything looked delicious!!

  23. I have a seasoned pork loin in the freezer from Trader Joe’s. I’m going to have to give it a try in the air fryer. Even since following you you’ve given me so many great ideas for that machine. In the past all I used it for was frozen French fries or chicken nugget type items. Thanks for the inspo as always Stacy!

  24. Hi Stacy! I’m with Tim, I actually love instant mashed. Bonus that they are easy to make too! Pepperoni crescents are always good. I’ve got a busy week coming up so may make those this week! No, I don’t compost. The pork tenderloin looked good. Your takeout looked yummy! A beautiful Easter dinner for you and Tim! I’m not a fan of eggs, but my family would be happy to see your deviled eggs! They always say, we must have deviled eggs on Easter! Hope you had a wonderful and blessed Easter! 🤗💕

  25. Hi Stacy and Tim you used your vegetables really well. Looked like you both at least got a bite or two. Glad you were able to go back to church for Easter. We went to sunrise service which was beautiful. Great meals this week. Thanks for sharing. Hope you both have a great week.

  26. Another great "whats for dinner" video 🥰 can I ask what is "dressin/dressing" (the dish Tim's mom made) it looks like something we'd call "stuffing"… I could be wrong… the pork looked delicious, especially the left overs as we too love the crispy edges 😆 definitely gonna try the broccoli in my air fryer, my daughters favourite veg… hope this msg finds ye well… stay safe 🙏

  27. Lots of yummy and healthy food this week! I’m glad you were able to make good use of your “misfits” ha! I store my lettuce in similar containers which I purchased from a local restaurant supply store, so they’re a bit larger. Works great! We really like those Hormel pork tenderloins as well. Community day looked awesome! And your Easter dinner was perfect! I made deviled eggs too, yum!

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