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What’s for Dinner | Budget Friendly Family Meal Ideas | March 2021

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  1. Love your videos! They helped me ALOT when my husband & I lived in Panama. we were newlyweds & I had such a hard time figuring out easy meals to prepare!

  2. A tip I learned from my grandmother is when you want to use fresh ginger just peel it (you can easily take the skin off with a spoon) and use however much you need and then pop the remaining ginger in a baggie and stick it in the freezer. It stays good for months and months and when you want to use some just take it out and use a handheld grater and it’s like ginger snow!

  3. I believe the brand old El Paso makes these chicken and cheese Taquitos! They are so good! Especially dipped in salsa or sour cream! Love your videos! 💜

  4. Finally, someone else who agrees chicken doesn't need to cook for 6-8 hours in the crockpot!! I've been saying that for so long!! I cook my chicken for 3-4 hours & it comes out perfect every 👏 single 👏 time! And yes those tiquitos are delicious dipped in nacho cheese 🤤!!

  5. Oh Yum!! The chicken crockpot meal looks so good!! I do dumplings like that also, and my mom’s recipe too!! I’ve been wanting a air fryer, and a pressure cooker, what kind (brand) is the best/worst, in y’all’s opinion??!! Thanks in advance

  6. Everything looked great. When I use a spoon for dropping my dumplings I dip the spoon un the water and the dumpling comes right off without using your finger to scrape it off, Dip it in the water b4 you do the first one

  7. If you like chicken and dumplings, but like you said they are time consuming try this recipe. Get lipton soup mix and make according to box. Mix one egg in 1 1/2 cups of flour. Drop spoonfuls in boiling water, and scrape extra flour from bowl and cook til noodles are done. Rivals take about five minutes.

  8. Bolthouse Farms is where almost all of the carrots come from in the United States it’s in California I guess they’re trying to make extra money by making ranch dressing!

  9. Everything looks fabulous!! 😋😍🤩 I guess I’m in the group that doesn’t like the tangy Olive Garden dressing for pasta. 🤢 lol That ramen looks so good! I was just thinking about trying to find a ramen recipe & you came to the rescue! 🥰😍

  10. I so much enjoy your posts especially the day before grocery day. Unfortunately, I don't think the dumplings will work for my family. My Mom made them when I was younger and didn't enjoy them. Having said that, I REALLY enjoy your ideas and what I made from your posts have gone over well. Keep up the great work!

  11. My Son always loved eating those Taquitos after school as a snack. He's gonna be 28 in about a week. I wonder if he still eats them. I tried them once and were really to spicy for me.
    I will be trying to make the Chicken and Dumplings recipe. My real has made them but I don't really like how he does them. He uses Bisquick. 😝

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